The Shocking Truth: The Reason Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You

The Shocking Truth: The Reason Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey You

As a Pokemon trainer, it can be frustrating when your Pokemon don’t obey you during battles or while exploring the world. You may feel like you’ve done everything right; you’ve caught them, you’ve trained them, you’ve given them the attention they need, but still, they won’t follow your commands.

What if we told you that the reason why your Pokemon aren’t obeying you is not that they’re being disobedient, but that there’s actually a scientific reason behind it?

In this article, we will delve deep into the world of Pokemon and uncover the shocking truth about why your Pokemon don’t obey you.

Understanding Pokemon’s Nature

Firstly, it’s important to understand that every Pokemon has its own nature, which determines its characteristics, behavior, and attitude towards its trainer. There are five different natures that a Pokemon can have, which are timid, bold, adamant, modest, and naughty.

For example, a timid Pokemon may be hesitant to attack, while a bold Pokemon may be reckless and aggressive. These natures can affect the way your Pokemon behaves during battles or when following your commands.

In addition to this, the way you train your Pokemon can also affect their obedience. If you train them with negative reinforcement, such as punishment or scolding, they may become scared or anxious, causing them to act out or disobey you.

Pokemon’s Level and Experience

Another factor that can contribute to your Pokemon’s disobedience is their level and experience. If your Pokemon is at a lower level or has little experience, they may not fully understand your commands, making it harder for them to follow instructions.

In contrast, if your Pokemon is at a higher level and has more experience, they may become more independent and start to make their own decisions during battles or while exploring.

The Relationship Between Trainer and Pokemon

Lastly, the relationship between a trainer and their Pokemon can play a significant role in how obedient they are. If a trainer neglects their Pokemon and doesn’t spend enough time bonding with them, the Pokemon may feel unappreciated and may not want to obey their commands.

Building a strong bond with your Pokemon by spending time with them, feeding them, and showing them affection can help increase their obedience and willingness to listen to commands.


In conclusion, the reason why your Pokemon don’t obey you isn’t that they’re being disobedient or mischievous. It’s an element of their nature, the way you’ve trained them, their level and experience, and the relationship between trainer and Pokemon.

To improve your Pokemon’s obedience, try understanding their nature, training them positively, leveling them up and gaining more experience, and building a strong bond with them.


1. Can I change my Pokemon’s nature?

Unfortunately, you cannot change your Pokemon’s nature. It’s predetermined when you catch them, and you’ll have to work with what you have.

2. What type of training should I use to improve my Pokemon’s obedience?

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your Pokemon. Reward them with treats, praise, or affection when they follow commands or behave well.

3. How do I build a strong bond with my Pokemon?

Spending time with your Pokemon, playing with them, feeding them, and showing them affection can help you build a strong bond with them.

4. Will my Pokemon always be disobedient if they have a timid nature?

Not necessarily. You can still train your Pokemon to be obedient, even if they have a timid nature. It’s just a matter of working with them and understanding their behavior.

5. Can my Pokemon become too independent?

Yes, if you don’t give them enough attention or don’t spend enough time bonding with them, they may become too independent and start to ignore your commands.

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