The Shocking Truth Behind Why Pokemon Don’t Obey – Find Out Here!

The Shocking Truth Behind Why Pokemon Don’t Obey – Find Out Here!

Are you an avid Pokemon trainer who has always wondered why your beloved Pokemon do not always obey your commands? Have you searched high and low for answers to this perplexing problem? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the potential reasons behind disobedient Pokemon and how to overcome this frustrating hurdle.

Perplexity of Pokemon Disobedience

As a Pokemon trainer, you may have experienced that your Pokemon does not always obey your commands, especially when they reach a certain level or have a certain experience. This fact can be perplexing and frustrating to many trainers who don’t understand why their Pokemon would not listen to them. However, it is important to understand that disobedience is a natural aspect of Pokemon training and can stem from various factors.

Burstiness of Pokemon Disobedience

Pokemon disobedience may not always follow a particular pattern of bursting out. It may burst when a trainer pushes their Pokemon too hard, such as asking it to perform moves that the Pokemon is not capable of doing. When a Pokemon reaches a high level of experience or receives exceptional items, it may become disobedient, making it challenging for the trainer to control it.

Why Do Pokemon Disobey?

Several factors influence Pokemon disobedience. When a Pokemon demands more experience, it becomes harder to control. Moreover, when a Pokemon trainer captures a Pokemon with high stats and experience, it may lead to disobedience, as the Pokemon does not know or trust its new owner. Other factors that may cause disobedience are poor health, personality discrepancies, and a lack of trust between the trainer and the Pokemon.

Overcoming the Shocking Truth of Pokemon Disobedience

Despite the various reasons behind Pokemon disobedience, trainers can take a few steps to overcome this challenging hurdle. First, trainers should ensure that their Pokemon receives proper health care and treatment to eliminate illness and other health issues that may cause disobedience. Additionally, trainers should ensure that they have a strong and positive relationship with their Pokemon, starting by managing it well and building trust between the two.

Another way to overcome disobedience is to train Pokemon from a lower level or with fewer experience points. Likewise, limiting the frequency of using Pokemon items and training could be a useful technique. Also, trainers should avoid pushing their Pokemon too hard, asking them to perform moves that they are not capable of doing. Instead, trainers should use patience and positive reinforcement to motivate their Pokemon to obey commands.


In summary, Pokemon disobedience can be a frustrating hurdle for trainers at any level of the game. However, it can be overcome. By ensuring proper health care, building trust, and avoiding overtraining, frustration can be minimized. More importantly, once a trainer has a healthy and trustworthy bond with their Pokemon, disobedience could be the thing of the past.


1. Does training your Pokemon too much cause disobedience?
Answer: Yes, training your Pokemon too much can lead to disobedience since the Pokemon is overwhelmed and not given adequate rest.

2. Can items cause Pokemon disobedience?
Answer: Yes, items like rare candies, vitamins, and other stat boosters can cause disobedience if not used correctly.

3. Can we stop Pokemon disobedience?
Answer: Yes, Pokemon disobedience can be decreased by providing proper health care, building trust and avoiding overtraining.

4. Can disobedience be countered with stronger Pokemon?
Answer: No, disobedience cannot be countered with stronger Pokemon. Trust and a good relationship with your Pokemon is essential.

5. Can a disobedient Pokemon be released?
Answer: It is not advisable to release a disobedient Pokemon. No gains can come from releasing a potentially useful Pokemon. It is better to use the techniques mentioned above and reduce disobedience.

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