The Shocking Truth About Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey – And How to Fix It

The Shocking Truth About Why Your Pokemon Don’t Obey – And How to Fix It

Pokemon can be your best friends, your partners in battles, and your source of pride. But what happens when they don’t obey you? It can be frustrating and confusing at the same time, leaving you wondering what you are doing wrong. But fear not, for we have the answers to your problems. In this article, we will explore the reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey you and how you can fix them.

1. You Don’t Have Enough Gym Badges

One of the main reasons why your Pokemon don’t obey you is that you don’t have enough gym badges. Gym badges are essential to gaining control over high-level Pokemon. Without them, your Pokemon may refuse to obey your orders, making it tough to progress in the game. To fix this, you need to train your Pokemon, battle in gyms, and earn more badges.

2. Your Pokemon’s Loyalty Is Low

Just like in real life, your Pokemon’s loyalty can affect how they behave. A Pokemon with low loyalty may refuse to obey your commands, making it difficult to win battles. To boost their loyalty, you must take extra care of them. This includes feeding them, taking them for walks, and keeping them happy.

3. Your Pokemon Is Confused

If your Pokemon has been confused by an opponent’s move, it may disobey your commands. Confusion can be caused by various moves, such as Swagger and Supersonic. To fix this, you need to heal your Pokemon or switch it out of battle. You can also use moves like Taunt to prevent your opponents from inflicting confusion on your Pokemon.

4. Your Pokemon Is Under Levelled

Your Pokemon’s level can also affect how they behave. If your Pokemon is under levelled, it may disobey your orders. This is because they may not have the strength, speed, or stamina to execute your commands correctly. To fix this, you must train your Pokemon by battling against other trainers and wild Pokemon.

5. You Are Not Using The Right Pokeball

Another reason why your Pokemon don’t obey you could be because you are not using the right Pokeball. Each Pokemon has its own preferences when it comes to the type of ball they want to be caught in. If you catch a Pokemon in a ball it doesn’t like, it may not perform well in battles. To fix this, you must experiment with different types of Pokeballs until you find the right one for your Pokemon.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why your Pokemon may disobey you. From not having enough gym badges to using the wrong Pokeball, it’s essential to identify the cause of the problem to fix it. Take care of your Pokemon, train them, and keep them happy, and they will obey you with ease. With these tips, you can turn your disobedient Pokemon into obedient champions.


1. Can I control my Pokemon’s loyalty in the game?

No, your Pokemon’s loyalty is affected by various factors, such as how much you take care of them, battle with them, and make them happy.

2. Can I tell if my Pokemon is confused?

Yes, when a Pokemon is confused, it will have a status condition that shows a symbol of confusion on its profile.

3. Do different types of Pokeballs affect my Pokemon’s performance?

Yes, different types of Pokeballs affect your Pokemon’s catch rate and can also affect their performance in battle.

4. Can I catch a Pokemon in any Pokeball I want?

Yes, you can catch a Pokemon in any Pokeball, but remember that each Pokemon has its own preferences.

5. How do I know if my Pokemon is under levelled?

If your Pokemon is struggling to win battles, it may be under levelled. Keep an eye on its stats and level it up by battling against better trainers and wild Pokemon.

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