The Shocking Truth About Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey – A Must-Read Guide

The Shocking Truth About Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey – A Must-Read Guide

Pokémon is a much-loved game that is enjoyed all over the world. Collecting and battling with these cute creatures is a thrilling experience, but encountering disobedience in your Pokémon can be frustrating and confusing. If you have been experiencing disobedience from your Pokémon or if you want to learn more about it, then read on! In this article, we will explore the shocking truth about why your Pokémon don’t obey.

The Importance of Trainer’s Level

Your trainer level plays a critical role in the obedience of your Pokémon. The higher your trainer level, the more likely your Pokémon is to obey your commands. In Pokémon Go, the maximum trainer level is 40. Once you reach this level, there is a 100% chance of your Pokémon obeying your commands.

This is because as your trainer level increases, your Pokémon’s CP (combat power) also increases. Therefore, high CP Pokémon will be more obedient to high-level trainers. This means that you must work to level up your trainer as much as possible to increase your chances of a successful Pokémon battle.

The Importance of Friendship Level

Your Pokémon’s obedience is also influenced by the friendship level with you. The more friendship a Pokémon shares with its trainer, the more obedient and loyal it will become. This applies to every game in the Pokémon franchise.

The friendship level of your Pokémon can be increased by various means such as feeding your Pokémon’s favorite berries, walking with them, battling alongside them, and avoiding putting them in the PC for long periods. Therefore, you must maintain a healthy relationship with your Pokémon if you want it to be obedient.

The Role of the Gym Battles in Pokémon Go

If your Pokémon battles in a gym and loses, its motivation level will decrease. This causes the Pokémon to lose its strength and start disobeying your commands. This demotivation level drops further when your Pokémon battles against a team of high-rated players or the same Pokémon multiple times in a row. When this occurs, your Pokémon will only be reliable during battle by 90%. A Pokémon’s motivation level can be recovered by providing berries.

In summary, you must train your Pokémon to be stronger so that they can win gym battles and maintain their high motivation level, and thus obedience.

The Importance of TM and HM

Moves are critical in Pokemon battles, and their effectiveness goes beyond the strength of the move. Trainer moves (TM) or Hidden machines (HM) also affect the obedience of your Pokémon. When you use HM and TM on your Pokémon, it strengthens the bond between the trainer and the Pokémon.

In addition, TM moves can be changed, so you don’t have to keep using the same moves repeatedly. The changes will refresh your Pokémon’s spirit and maintain its obedience level.

Tips to Boost Your Pokémon’s Obedience

To enhance the obedience of your Pokémon, you must first work on its friendship level. You can do this by walking with it, feeding it berries, and training it with patience.

Secondly, keep your trainer level as high as possible. The higher your trainer level, the stronger your Pokémon becomes in battles, and the more obedient it is.

Encourage your Pokémon to affectionately participate in battle by achieving gym success, avoiding demotivation and keeping them motivated by feeding them berries.

Lastly, using TM moves and taking appropriate training are useful in keeping your Pokémon’s obedience at the desired level.


In conclusion, the obedience of your Pokémon depends on several factors, including your trainer level, friendship level, participation in gym battles, and moves that you choose to use. It is also essential to maintain the motivation level of your Pokémon by feeding them berries and keeping them active. By following the tips provided in this guide, your Pokémon will become more obedient and more potent in battles.


1. Why do some Pokémon disobey during battles?
Ans. A Pokemon may disobey during battles because of a decrease in motivation, decline in friendship level, or high gym loss rates.

2. What happens if my Pokémon disobeys during a battle?
Ans. If your Pokémon disobeys during a battle, it might use a different move or refuse to attack at all.

3. Why does my Pokémon not follow my commands despite using friendship berries?
Ans. Your Friendship level with the Pokémon will not increase beyond a certain limit. Also, your trainer level should be high enough for your Pokémon to obey your commands.

4. Can disobedience be corrected after your Pokémon loses gym battles?
Ans. Yes, disobedience can be corrected by feeding them berries, going on walks or training sessions, and winning gym battles.

5. How often should I use TMs for my Pokémon?
Ans. There is no set frequency to use TMs on a Pokémon. However, it is recommended to change TMs moves once every couple of battles to keep your Pokémon fresh and motivated.

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