The Shocking Truth About Why Pokemon Don’t Obey – And How to Fix It!

The Shocking Truth About Why Pokemon Don’t Obey – And How to Fix It!

Pokemon have been a beloved and cherished franchise for over two decades now. The anime, video games, and trading card games have amassed a cult following, with fans of all ages eagerly following the exploits of Ash and Pikachu. However, despite the hype surrounding the series, one issue has remained a constant thorn in the side of trainers – Pokemon not obeying their commands.

This is a fundamental issue that has plagued trainers from the very beginning. It’s a frustrating experience when your Pokemon refuses to follow your commands, and this can lead to lost battles and, eventually, a loss of interest in the game. In this article, we’ll explore the shocking truth behind why Pokemon don’t obey their trainers, and how to fix it.

Perplexity and Burstiness of the Issue

Pokemon are unique creatures, with their own personalities and motivations. This is an essential part of what makes the game so engaging – you form a bond with your Pokemon, and they become your trusted companions in the quest to become a Pokemon master. However, this same bond can lead to disobedience. When a Pokemon is under-leveled or has not been trained properly, they are less likely to obey their trainers. They may also ignore commands if they are feeling stressed or anxious, or if they have not bonded with their trainer sufficiently.

This is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. Trainers need to understand and address the underlying causes of disobedience if they hope to build a strong relationship with their Pokemon.

Addressing the Root Cause with Specificity

The first step in addressing disobedience is to understand its root cause. As mentioned previously, there are many reasons why a Pokemon may choose not to obey. These range from a lack of training to emotional stress.

One solution to this problem is to focus on building a strong bond with your Pokemon. Spend time with them outside of battle, playing games and bonding. You can also give them items that will increase their happiness, such as berries, which can help them bond with you more quickly.

Training is also essential for building obedience. You need to make sure your Pokemon is well-trained and well-leveled before taking on challenging battles. This can be achieved through grinding, where you battle wild Pokemon until your Pokemon reaches the desired level. You can also seek out trainers to battle, which can be a good way to get experience and hone your skills.

Using the Active Voice and Keeping it Simple

Another aspect of obedience that many trainers overlook is the battle itself. The active voice is essential in combat, and trainers need to make sure they are giving clear, specific commands. For example, instead of saying “use your strongest attack,” say something like “use Thunderbolt.” This will help your Pokemon understand exactly what you want them to do and increase the odds that they will obey.

Keeping it brief is also essential. Too many commands can confuse your Pokemon and lead to disobedience. Keep your commands short and to the point, and only give them when necessary.

Engaging the Reader with a Conversational Tone

In conclusion, the issue of disobedience is a complex one that requires a multifaceted approach. Trainers need to understand the root causes of disobedience and address them through training, bonding, and clear, specific commands. With patience and dedication, trainers can build strong relationships with their Pokemon, which will result in loyalty and obedience.


Q: Can disobedience be caused by evolution?
A: Yes, Pokemon can become disobedient if they evolve too quickly, and the trainer is not of a high enough level.

Q: Are disobedient Pokemon weaker than obedient Pokemon?
A: No, disobedience is not directly related to strength. A disobedient Pokemon can still be powerful, but the odds of them following your commands will be lower.

Q: Can disobedience be fixed by simply feeding the Pokemon more?
A: No, while feeding your Pokemon can increase their happiness, it is not a cure-all for disobedience. You need to build a relationship with your Pokemon through training, bonding, and clear commands.

Q: What is the best way to train a disobedient Pokemon?
A: The best way to train a disobedient Pokemon is through grinding and battling, along with building a strong bond with them.

Q: Can Pokemon become disobedient because of their nature?
A: Yes, some Pokemon may have a stubborn or independent nature that makes them harder to train and harder to obey.

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