The Shocking Truth About Pokemon That Refuse to Obey: A Trainer’s Struggle

The Shocking Truth About Pokemon That Refuse to Obey: A Trainer’s Struggle

As a Pokemon trainer, you expect your loyal companions to listen to every command you give them. However, what happens when your own Pokemon refuses to obey you? It can be a frustrating and helpless experience. In this article, we’ll delve into the shocking truth about disobedient Pokemon and a trainer’s struggle to regain control.

Understanding Disobedience in Pokemon

Disobedience in Pokemon occurs when a trainer’s badge level is below the required level for their Pokemon’s level. Each gym badge acts as a key that unlocks the control a trainer has over their Pokemon, allowing them to use certain items and Pokemon above a certain level. For example, if a trainer has two badges, their Pokemon up to level 30 will obey them. However, any Pokemon above that level won’t follow their commands until they earn the third badge.

Why do Pokemon Refuse to Obey?

It’s natural to wonder why a Pokemon would refuse to obey their trainer. After all, isn’t their entire purpose to follow commands and battle? There are several reasons why this can occur:

1. Disobedience due to Level Difference
As mentioned earlier, if a trainer’s badge level is below the required level for their Pokemon, they won’t obey their commands.

2. Disobedience Due to Happiness
A Pokemon’s happiness level can also affect their obedience. If a Pokemon is unhappy, they’re more likely to ignore their trainer’s commands. This can be improved by giving them vitamins, walking with them, and giving them massages.

3. Disobedience Due to Conflicting Personalities
Each Pokemon has a unique personality that can conflict with their trainer’s. While some Pokemon enjoy battling and training, others would much rather relax and be pampered. A trainer who forces a Pokemon to battle constantly, despite their personality, is more likely to be ignored.

The Trainer’s Struggle to Regain Control

When a Pokemon refuses to obey, a trainer can feel helpless and frustrated. They’ve spent hours training and bonding with their companion, only to have them turn their back. To regain control, trainers should:

1. Improve their Badge Level
The simplest and most effective way to gain control of a disobedient Pokemon is to earn more badges. This will increase the level where their Pokemon will obey commands.

2. Improve Their Pokemon’s Happiness
As mentioned earlier, improving a Pokemon’s happiness level can result in better obedience. Be sure to give your Pokemon plenty of attention, vitamins, massages, and walks.

3. Adapt Their Style
If a Pokemon is disobedient due to conflicting personalities, trainers may need to adapt their style. Experiment with different training methods and rewards, and find what works best for their particular Pokemon.


In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is a common struggle that many trainers face. While it’s natural to feel frustrated and helpless, there are several ways to regain control. By improving badge level, happiness, and adapting to their Pokemon’s personality, trainers can overcome this obstacle and continue on their journey to become a Pokemon Master.


1. Can Pokemon disobey even if their trainer has the required badges?
Yes, Pokemon can disobey their trainer if their happiness level is low, or if their personality clashes with their trainer’s style.

2. How can I improve my Pokemon’s happiness?
Give them plenty of attention, take them for walks, give them massages, and give them vitamins.

3. Is there a limit to how many badges a trainer can earn?
No, there is no limit to the number of badges a trainer can earn. However, once they have all eight, they will have complete control over their Pokemon.

4. Can disobedient Pokemon still fight in battles?
Yes, disobedient Pokemon can still participate in battles. However, they may not follow the commands of their trainer, resulting in a less effective battle strategy.

5. Is there a way to prevent a Pokemon from becoming disobedient in the first place?
Yes, by focusing on their happiness levels and personality from the beginning, trainers can reduce the likelihood of disobedience in the future.

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