The Shocking Reason Why Your Pokemon won’t Obey You

Title: The Shocking Reason Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You

Have you ever found yourself in a Pokemon battle, and your cherished Pokemon won’t obey you? The game’s mechanics often confuse new players, and their Pokemon stubbornly refuse commands, costing them the battle. But few understand the real reason why this happens. In this article, we will deep dive into the possible causes of your disobedient Pokemon’s behavior.

What is Pokemon Disobedience?
Disobedience is a frustrating behavior demonstrated by Pokemon that often occurs when a trainer attempts to use a Pokeball to capture a wild Pokemon that possesses a higher level than their own Pokemon. The disobedient Pokemon might ignore the commands issued, leading to a breakdown in the battle’s strategy.

Why is Your Pokemon Disobeying You?
There are three likely reasons that your Pokemon might begin disobeying you. Firstly, the Pokemon’s level; a Pokemon might refuse to follow your commands if it’s over your trainer’s badge limit. Secondly, the lack of trust you’ve earned from your Pokemon; this can occur when players neglect their Pokemon or frequently place their Pokemon in battles it isn’t strong enough for, which can damage a built connection. Lastly, the lack of compatibility between the Pokemon and trainer; a trainer may have a preferences that doesn’t match with a Pokemon’s personality style.

Factors That Can Cause Disobedience in Pokemon
1. Level: When a player attempts to catch a wild Pokemon at a higher level than their current Pokemon, their Pokemon might refuse to obey due to the difference in strength.

2. Gym Battle and Badges: Each gym battle victory a trainer secures will earn them a badge, and these badges indicate the highest level Pokemon that a player can have obeying them. Therefore, if a trainer’s badges aren’t adequate for their current Pokemon level, they will refuse to follow commands.

3. Neglecting your Pokemon: If a trainer neglects their Pokemon, such as not giving it enough meals or keeping it in its Pokeball all the time, the Pokemon will have lower levels of trust in its trainer, resulting in disobedience.

4. Get in Series of battles the Pokemon Can’t Win: Sometimes, trainers can place their Pokemon in series of battles that it cannot win. In doing so, they damage the connection between the Pokemon and its trainer.

5. Personality Compatibility: Every Pokemon has unique characteristics, and some Pokemon may require more attention or care than others. It’s crucial that trainers assign Pokemon to match their respective personalities.

How to Prevent Pokemon Disobedience:
1. Pay close attention to your Pokemon’s level and the number of badges you’ve earned. Use only Pokemon that match your trainer’s badge limit.

2. Build a strong relationship with your Pokemon by leveling up together, participating in mini-games, playing with it, and ensuring it’s well-fed.

3. Avoid putting your Pokemon in battles you know it cannot handle or that might cause needless damage, as it can strain your relationship.

4. Match your personality style with your Pokemon’s personality to ensure better compatibility.

Disobedience is a common problem that can cause frustration to players. However, it isn’t a mysterious occurrence. Understanding the factors that cause disobedience can help you avoid the issue and create stronger bonds with your Pokemon. Remember to be patient, give your Pokemon time to rest, and ensure you’re fulfilling its needs. If you follow these solutions, you’ll find that your Pokemon obeys you more and more often.


1. My Pokemon won’t obey me, what should I do?
Ans: Ensure your Pokemon’s level matches your trainer’s badge limit, build a stronger relationship with your Pokemon through repeated games, attention, and effort.

2. Can neglect damage a Pokemon-trainer relationship?
Ans: Definitely. Trainers must provide meals at regular intervals, ensure a safe environment where the Pokemon thrives, and play mini-games together daily.

3. Does compatibility matter when choosing a Pokemon?
Ans: The devil is in the detail. Compatibility can affect how well your Pokemon obeys you. It is crucial to match your trainer’s personality with your Pokemon’s traits at every stage.

4. Are there other ways to earn badges besides gym battles?
Ans: Yes, some players can trade Pokemon with other trainers and earn badges as a perk. Some Pokemon events also offer badges as a reward.

5. Can disobedience affect my journey as a whole?
Ans: Absolutely. Disobedient Pokemon can lead to costly break downs during battles, and place the trainer at a disadvantage. So, ensure level compatibility, build a strong relationship with your Pokemon, and take care not to overburden it.

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