The Shocking Reason Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey – Solve the Mystery Now!

Title: The Shocking Reason Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey – Solve the Mystery Now!

Are you having trouble with your Pokemon obeying your commands? You are not alone! As a Pokemon trainer, one of the biggest challenges you may face is your Pokemon’s disobedience. This can be frustrating, especially when you need their cooperation during battles. But have you ever stopped to think that there could be a reason why your Pokemon won’t obey? In this article, we will explore the shocking reason why your Pokemon won’t obey and provide you with possible solutions.

The Importance of Obeying Pokemon:
As any Pokemon trainer knows, a well-trained and obedient Pokemon is crucial to success. Not only does obedience make battles easier, but it also increases your chances of forming a bond with your Pokemon. When a Pokemon disobeys, it can not only result in defeat but also damages the relationship between you and your Pokemon.

The Reason Behind Your Pokemon’s Disobedience:
The primary reason why your Pokemon may not be obeying is due to its level of affection towards you. Every Pokemon has a value known as affection, which is influenced by how you treat it during its journey with you. This value can range from one to five hearts and affects the likelihood of your Pokemon obeying you. Pokemon with lower affection levels (one or two hearts) will disobey you more often than higher affection level Pokemon (three to five hearts).

Building Affection Level:
So, how can you increase your Pokemon’s affection level? The answer is simple – spend more time with your Pokemon. Activities such as feeding, grooming, petting, and playing with your Pokemon increase affection levels. With each affection level gained, your Pokemon’s disobedience rate decreases. Another way to enhance affection levels quickly is with the use of affection-boosting items, such as the soothe bell.

Other Possible Reasons for Disobedience:
Aside from affection levels, there are other possible reasons why your Pokemon may be disobeying. One of them is the disobedience move, which certain species of Pokemon are known to have. Disobedience moves, as the name suggests, may cause your Pokemon to disobey your commands randomly. Badges may also have an effect on your Pokemon’s willingness to obey. Some gyms’ badges may cause Pokemon up to a certain level to obey without question. If your Pokemon is above that level, they may disobey you until you obtain the next badge.

In conclusion, disobedience is a common problem that Pokemon trainers face, and the primary reason is due to the Pokemon’s level of affection towards you. Building affection levels is easy and increases the likelihood of your Pokemon obeying you. Other possible reasons for disobedience include disobedience moves and badges. Remember to treat your Pokemon with love and care, and you’ll have an obedient, loyal companion!

1. Can I increase my Pokemon’s affection level by battling?
A: No, battling does not influence your Pokemon’s affection level.
2. Will using the soothe bell automatically increase my Pokemon’s affection level?
A: No, using the soothe bell only boosts the rate at which your Pokemon’s affection level increases.
3. Can disobedience moves be unlearned?
A: No, disobedience moves cannot be unlearned.
4. How many hearts do I need to have my Pokemon listen all the time?
A: You need at least three hearts to increase the likelihood of your Pokemon obeying you.
5. Can affection level decrease?
A: Yes, affection levels can decrease if the Pokemon is neglected, treated poorly, or if it faints during battle.

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