The only bot you will need – Mix It Up

Mix It Up Bot – You’ll never look back!

There are just too many bots available nowadays! You have Nightbot StreamElements’ bot, Streamlabs’ bot, Wizebot, and many more! You perhaps have not heard of Mix It Up then, and why you should install it!

What is Mix It Up?

Mix it up was an exclusive bot that was available for Mixer streamers only. After Mixer’s shutdown, the bot migrated its services to Twitch. Many former Mixer streamers know what this bot is and the vast majority of them use them still in their streams (even myself).

This bot is installed in your PC and it can function by displaying chat messages (by command) to sounds, videos, images, and so much more!

The bot works the same way as every other bot out there! It has its own events (aka modules), commands, overlays, mini games, etc… This bot is only compatible with Twitch at the moment.

What makes this bot unique (I have not seen any other bot do the same thing) is the fact that you can add multiple actions to one trigger! One simple command can do endless actions since it is installed right on your PC! One example that I personally use is that my mods have control over my transitions. If I forget to move to the gameplay scene from my just chatting screen, my mods can simply write “!scene” in the chat, and the bot will transition to my gameplay scene!

Creativity is what defines this bot, and it is what makes this bot so awesome.

Mix It Up’s features

This bot is super easy to set up because all of the features are set up the same way. This means that it will be the same process setting up the commands, as to setting up the events, as to setting up the channel points, etc…


Mix It Up is hands down the best bot you can implement into your streams! As I mentioned in above, it is your one-stop shop for all of your commands! You can download it by clicking here or on any “Mix It Up” you see throughout this Article!

If you want a more detailed explanation and some tutorials, make sure to check out the in-depth video I made about Mix It Up in general, and the dedicated channel points video!

This article was written by creator Numin99 and published by Co-Founder GermanLuk.

What is Mix It Up Bot?

Mix it up bot is a third party software that helps streamers manage their stream. It the bot can do anything from answering simple questions to creating custom animations or alerts.

How to use Mix It Up on Twitch?

In order to use the Mix It Up bot on Twitch you first need to download the software. After you installed the software simply log in with your Twitch account. In the Mix It Up bot settings you can further link other services like Streamloots to make your stream even more unique.

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