The Mystery of the Can’t-See Friends Sign in Elden Ring: What Does it Mean?

The upcoming game Elden Ring has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement amongst gamers for quite some time now. Although, there is one mystery that has gamers scratching their heads – the Can’t-See Friends sign. In this article, we’ll delve into what this enigmatic sign could mean and why it has caused such wide speculation.

First, let’s talk about what the Can’t-See Friends sign is. It is a brief message that appears when a player tries to activate a summon sign to get assistance from another player during gameplay. The message reads “Can’t-See Friends” and the summon sign remains inactive, leaving the player to face the challenges of the game on their own.

Many theories have been put forth about the meaning of the Can’t-See Friends sign. Let’s explore some possibilities. One theory is that the sign is an indicator that players cannot access theirs or their friends’ summon sign due to network connectivity issues or server overload. This would mean that the sign is a technical error rather than a message with any significance.

Another theory is that the Can’t-See Friends sign is a feature that serves as a safeguard from abusive strategies or hacking attempts, preventing players from creating an unfair advantage for themselves or their friends during gameplay. In this way, the sign could be a security measure designed to maintain a level playing field for all gamers.

Alternatively, some players are speculating that the sign is a subtle hint or puzzle within the game. They suggest that players need to uncover some hidden objective or complete a particular task in the game to remove the sign, allowing access to the summon signs of their friends. This indeed seems plausible since the makers of the game are known for adding cryptic clues and puzzles in their previous games.

Whatever the intended purpose behind the Can’t-See Friends sign, it has caught the attention of players across the globe, with many gamers eagerly anticipating the game’s release to find out the mystery behind the sign.

In conclusion, the Can’t-See Friends sign in Elden Ring remains a puzzle that the game’s creators intend to keep players guessing. It is possible that the sign could have a different purpose than what we have speculated here. But one thing is for sure – the sign has generated a lot of curiosity and excitement amongst gamers. We’ll have to wait and see the true meaning behind the sign when the game releases.


1. Will the Can’t-See Friends sign impact the gameplay in any way?
It may affect the gameplay for players who rely on summon signs for assistance from other players, but it remains to be seen how big of an impact it will have.

2. When is Elden Ring set to release?
The game’s official release date has not been announced yet, but it is expected to launch in early 2022.

3. Can players still join multiplayer during gameplay despite the sign?
Yes, players can still join multiplayer in the game. The Can’t-See Friends sign only affects the summon signs.

4. Will the mystery behind the sign be revealed?
It is uncertain if the game’s creators will reveal the true meaning behind the Can’t-See Friends sign, but they may drop clues and hints throughout gameplay.

5. Can players find any clues or hints towards the sign before the game is released?
It is possible that the game’s trailers, teasers, and other promotional material may contain some clues or hints towards the sign, but it is unclear if players will be able to uncover the mystery without playing the game.

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