The Mystery Behind Elden Ring’s Can’t See Friends Sign: Unveiling the Truth!

The Mystery Behind Elden Ring’s Can’t See Friends Sign: Unveiling the Truth!

Elden Ring fans have been left perplexed by a mysterious message in the game that reads ‘Can’t see friends sign’. This message appears when players try to connect to each other’s worlds in multiplayer mode. The sign has caused chaos among fans, with many wondering whether it’s a sign of bugs within the game or something more sinister. In this article, we’re going to unravel the truth behind the ‘can’t see friends sign’ and what it means for the future of Elden Ring.

The confusion surrounding the sign has been exacerbated by the fact that developers FromSoftware haven’t released any official statement on the matter. The message first appeared during Elden Ring’s beta testing phase and has persisted into the game’s full release. Despite widespread complaints from players, FromSoftware has remained tight-lipped, leaving the gaming community to speculate on the sign’s meaning.

So, what is the ‘can’t see friends sign’? The truth is that no one knows for sure, but many theories have emerged. Some believe that the message is an indication that the game’s servers are down, while others think it could be a bug in the game’s multiplayer system. However, the most plausible theory is that the sign is related to the game’s privacy settings.

When two players try to connect to each other’s worlds, Elden Ring uses a matchmaking system that relies on a series of signals to determine whether or not they can connect. Some players believe that the ‘can’t see friends sign’ is triggered when these signals fail to communicate, and the game cannot establish a connection. Others believe that it is linked to the game’s privacy settings, which may be blocking players from seeing their friends in the game.

While FromSoftware hasn’t confirmed anything, it’s clear that the ‘can’t see friends sign’ has caused frustration among many players, who feel that the game’s multiplayer system is flawed. Some players have reported that they’ve been unable to play with their friends since the game’s release, which has led to widespread disappointment.

Despite the anger, it’s important to remember that Elden Ring is a hugely ambitious game. It’s a new IP from the developers of the highly successful Dark Souls series, and it marks a departure from the constraints of that franchise. As a result, there are bound to be teething problems, and the ‘can’t see friends sign’ could well be one of those issues.

In conclusion, the truth behind the ‘can’t see friends sign’ remains a mystery. There are numerous theories out there, but until FromSoftware releases an official statement, we are left to speculate. However, it’s important to remember that Elden Ring is a masterpiece of a game and that these issues will soon be rectified. So, don’t let the sign ruin your experience and enjoy the game as it was meant to be played.


1. What is the ‘can’t see friends sign’ in Elden Ring multiplayer mode?

The ‘can’t see friends sign’ is a message that appears when two players try to connect to each other’s worlds in multiplayer mode, indicating that they are unable to connect.

2. Why does the ‘can’t see friends sign’ appear?

The true cause of the sign is unknown, but most theories point to issues with the game’s matchmaking system or privacy settings.

3. Is the ‘can’t see friends sign’ a bug in the game?

There is no confirmation that the sign is a bug within the game, but it is likely linked to issues with the game’s internal systems.

4. Can players still enjoy Elden Ring despite the ‘can’t see friends sign’ issue?

Absolutely! Elden Ring is a fantastic game, and players should not let small issues with multiplayer detract from their overall experience.

5. Will FromSoftware release a statement on the ‘can’t see friends sign?’

While there is no word on this yet, we hope that FromSoftware will address the issue and provide a solution for players soon.

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