The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: Unboxing the Ultimate Gaming Experience

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: Unboxing the Ultimate Gaming Experience

Infamous Second Son is a popular open-world action-adventure video game developed by Sucker Punch Productions. The game was released in March 2014 as an exclusive for PlayStation 4. The game’s success was not only due to its gameplay and graphics, but also due to its Collector’s Edition, which was packed with amazing features. In this article, we’ll be unboxing the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition, and you’ll see why this edition of the game is a must-have for any Infamous fan.

Unboxing the Collector’s Edition

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition comes in a large, sleek black box with the Infamous logo on the front. The box has a magnetic flap that flips open to reveal the contents of the edition. The first thing you come across in the Collector’s Edition is the infamous beanie. The beanie has a grey and black color scheme with the Infamous logo embroidered on the front. The beanie is made of high-quality fabric, and it keeps you warm during those cold gaming sessions.

Next, you’ll find a hardcover copy of the official Infamous Second Son comic book. The comic book has a glossy cover, and the illustrations are top-notch. The story is set after the events of the video game, and it delves deeper into the game’s lore. It’s a must-read for any Infamous fan who wants to learn more about the game’s characters and world.

The Collector’s Edition also includes a set of eight badges with different designs inspired by the game. The badges are made of high-quality materials, and they feature images of some of the game’s characters, such as Delsin Rowe, Fetch, and Eugene. The badges are a great addition to any gaming collection or can be attached to bags, hats, or clothing.

The Collector’s Edition also comes with a limited edition art print, signed by the game’s art team. The art print features an amazing illustration of Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist, with the city of Seattle in the background. The art print is printed on high-quality paper, and it looks great on any wall.

Last but not least, the Collector’s Edition comes with a replica of Delsin Rowe’s beanie, which is a key element of the game’s costume. The beanie is made of high-quality materials and looks just like the one in the game. It even has a small embroidered Infamous logo on the back.

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is not just a video game, but an experience. It packs everything an Infamous fan could want and more. From the games, comic book, and beanie to the art print, badges, and replica beanie, this Collector’s Edition has it all.


1. Is Infamous Second Son still a popular game?
Yes, Infamous Second Son is still a popular game, with fans and critics alike citing its engaging story and stunning graphics.
2. Can I still buy the Collector’s Edition?
The Collector’s Edition is no longer in production, but some outlets may have unsold copies available for purchase.
3. What platforms is Infamous Second Son available on?
Infamous Second Son is currently only available on PlayStation 4.
4. Is the Collector’s Edition worth the extra money?
Yes, the Collector’s Edition is definitely worth the investment for any Infamous fan. The additional items provide a unique experience that cannot be found elsewhere.
5. What is the key difference between the Collector’s Edition and the standard edition of Infamous Second Son?
The Collector’s Edition comes with a host of additional items, including a collectible comic book, exclusive character badges, and a replica beanie from the game.

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