The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: A Must-Have for Gamers and Collectors Alike

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition: A Must-Have for Gamers and Collectors Alike

Are you a gamer who loves to collect limited edition game sets? Look no further than the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition. This bundle includes not only the game itself, but also a range of exclusive items that will delight both gamers and collectors alike. Here are just a few reasons why this set is a must-have for anyone interested in gaming and collecting.

Exclusive Statue: Show Off Your Infamous Pride

The centerpiece of the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is an exclusive statue of Delsin Rowe, the game’s protagonist. Standing at 9 inches tall, this statue is a sight to behold. Each detail of the character’s costume is carefully crafted, from his iconic beanie to his leather jacket, making it a perfect addition to any gaming collection. Display it prominently on a shelf to show off your Infamous pride.

Collector’s Pin Set: Take the Infamous Experience Everywhere You Go

The Collector’s Pin Set included in this bundle is the perfect way to take the Infamous experience with you wherever you go. With six unique pins featuring symbols from the game, you can add an extra level of personalization to bags, jackets, or anything else you choose. It’s a subtle way to show off your love for the game while still keeping things stylish.

Exclusive In-Game Content: Unleash Delsin’s True Potential

The Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition includes several exclusive in-game content packs that allow you to unleash Delsin’s true potential. The Cole’s Legacy DLC pack, for example, includes additional story content that bridges the gap between Infamous 2 and Second Son. Meanwhile, the exclusive Bonus Vest and Bonus Boost packs give Delsin additional abilities that will help him on his journey. With these extras, you’ll feel like you’re getting the full Infamous experience.

Art Book: Dive Into the World of Infamous

If you’re a fan of video game art, you won’t want to miss out on the gorgeous art book included in this bundle. It features concept art, sketches, and commentary from the game’s developers, giving you a peek into the making of Infamous Second Son. Whether you’re interested in the design process or just appreciate beautiful art, this book is a must-have.


Overall, the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition is a must-have for any fans of the Infamous series or collectors looking for something special. The exclusive statue, pin set, in-game content, and art book are all reasons to get excited about this bundle. Whether you’re looking to display your love for the game or add to your collection, this special edition set won’t disappoint.


1. Can the exclusive in-game content be accessed without the Collector’s Edition set?
No, the additional DLC packs and bonuses are exclusive to the Collector’s Edition and cannot be accessed otherwise.

2. Is the statue made of durable materials?
Yes, the statue is made of high-quality materials designed to withstand wear and tear.

3. Is the art book hardcover or paperback?
The art book included in the Infamous Second Son Collector’s Edition set is a hardcover edition, making it a high-quality addition to any collection.

4. Can the pins be removed from clothing without causing damage?
Yes, the pins are designed to be easily removable without causing damage to clothing.

5. Will there be additional collector’s editions for upcoming Infamous games?
It’s hard to say for certain, but it’s likely that future Infamous games will also come with their own special collector’s editions. Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements in the future.

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