The Force is Strong in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Xbox Series X

The Force is Strong in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Xbox Series X

     If you are a fan of Star Wars and are looking to be in tune with the force in a deeper more meaningful spiritual way then you don’t have to look far, but you are going to have to wait if you don’t have your hands on a new Xbox series X!

     The game is a stable Xbox one X game that has not been optimized and more than likely will not be optimize for the Xbox series X. I unless EA decides to be merciful and stop screwing people over with their NFL and FIFA series and win mass affect legendary edition release is next year they decide to go to some old titles and optimize them because when it comes to budget it’s not like they’re struggling.

     You don’t need an Xbox series X to truly enjoy Star Wars Jedi fallen order because the game was really optimized on the Xbox one X, but if you don’t want any single dropped frames or lower resolution then you have to then for sure check out the Xbox series X version of the game which maintains a stable 30FPS at 1440P or a stable 1080P at 60FPS which the Xbox One X was not fully capable of maintaining. 

     Graphically you will not notice much of a difference besides the resolution, but I do wish they would make the game run sharper on the performance mode for the Xbox series X, but knowing EA they more than likely will not be updating this game.

     Anyway if you are interested in more titles don’t forget to leave as a comment using the #StreamingLiveAcademy 

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