The El Gato HD60X Capture Card: The Best Way to Game and Stream Without Compromises

Gamers and streamers rejoice! The El Gato HD60X Capture Card is their newest capture card that allows you to game and stream without any compromises in quality. This is a huge step up from their previous model, the HD60S, which was already one of the best capture cards on the market. The HD60X allows for 120hz pass thru with vrr (variable refresh rate), so you can be competitive without any input delay, meaning you can game at 120 fps with the new Xbox Series X/S or PS5 and VRR while you stream to your audience or record footage.

In addition your stream and viewers will receive their video feed of up to 1080p – 60 fps while you game at max fps and fidelity. It is easily the best plug and play capture card money can buy right now!

The El Gato HD60S+ and its predecessor the HD60S capture card provides a 1080p – 60 FPS limit also when it comes to the actual stream, but the selling point of the HD60X is that it allows content creators like us to capture footage at up to 4k – 60 fps and play on our tv or gaming monitor at that same resolution and fps.

Finally The Elgato HD60X is Here
The predecessor to the new El Gato HD60X Capture Card

The reason why you would need or want the new EL Gato HD60X is for the next gen consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and the PS5 (PlayStation 5) that can reach up to 120 fps with dynamic 4k thanks to VRR which the HD60S cannot deliver.

Finally The Elgato HD60X is Here
The El Gato HD60X Capture Card

You can see where this is heading right? You are going to be able to play any game that supports 120 fps and VRR while you stream. No compromising in fps or vrr while streaming anymore! Plus you can record your 1440p footage and more so your YouTube or other offline content as you should be doing as a content creator will look great for your audience.

I do have some tips that I have learned ever since getting this capture card and that is that the pass thru 120hz or 120FPS with VRR will not work at 1440p only 1080p which for the Xbox Series S is not bad, but with the Xbox Series X it is, since a lot of those titles that support 120 fps run at 1440p on the higher end Xbox.

I don’t know why El Gato keeps the marketing on their pass through to 1440p – 120 fps when it clearly doesn’t. I do think that they are wording it the way they are due to it being correct when viewing the capture card footage on the USB C connection to the computer it is connected to and not the actual HDMI connection.

I stream using my Xbox Series S so it is not an issue for me, but it might be for you so be warned if you are a console gamer and are using a tv like the LG OLED C9.

The new HD60X is available for purchase on the El Gato website and other select retailers. It’s definitely worth the price tag of $200 if you’re looking for the best streaming and gaming experience without any compromises. Thanks for reading!

I hope this helped clear things up for anyone who was on the fence about whether or not to upgrade their capture card and answers the question to those who were looking for a capture card for their new next gen consoles.

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