The DMR and Mac 10 CoD Warzone Meta is Fixed, but Too Late.

Written by RichieRichLabs

January 14, 2021

The DMR and Mac 10 CoD Warzone Meta is Fixed, but Too Late.

The following text did bring me happiness and it would to you too, but on my end it is too late to the game and I’ve already moved on. 


Bullet penetration reduced from sniper to AR 

Damage falloff ranges decreased 

55 damage before / 48 damage after 750 units (down 70 percent from 2500 units) 

Recoil increased 

Increased moderately for second and third bullet 

Increased slightly for subsequent bullets 

Locational damage multipliers adjusted 

Headshot now does less than 100 damage after 750 units 

Lower torso reduced from 1.1 to 1.01 (~8 percent) 

Those are the patch notes for the latest update of Call of Duty Warzone. I hated that meta and muscled thru it with my friends whom just can’t seem to play nothing, but CoD Warzone. 

The team got hit with the seasonal flu or COVID 19 who knows, but we stopped playing the video game to the point that the last thing we had was that awful meta that even Dr Disrespect couldn’t muscle to play thru. 

When our health started to pick up we started playing again, but I didn’t play Warzone. I decided to play with my wife and other groups of friends two games that had better meta and those were Gears 5 and Fortnite. 

Fast forward post flu and my friends are enjoying the new meta, but for me I’m done. I have taken up on the challenge of playing Fortnite and “mastering” the building mechanics. 

Gears 5 just got another big meta change update that I don’t know if I will enjoy, but it’s another challenge that will keep my competitive gaming time busy and full of interesting video game mechanics that Warzone has failed to deliver to me. 

What are your thoughts? Did you get burned out on Call of Duty Warzone or are you still grinding the McDonald’s of first person shooters? 

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