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It can be quite thought-provoking when you are asked to get a good microphone that will help produce sound quality when dealing with a very tight budget. If this is you, then you are not alone. The good thing is that in an extensive market, there are a variety of microphone brands that can be purchased at a low price and still serve the purpose. The question here would be if there are any available best XLR microphones under 100

Starting up on projects such as podcasts, live streaming, YouTube voiceovers, or starting up a home studio comes with great oomph and a poor mic is the last thing you would want to deal with. There are a few XLR microphones under 100 that you can get to help you with these projects. Below is a list.

The MXL 990 MIDNIGHT XLR microphone 

The MXL 990 XLR microphone has an incredible bang enabled by its cardioid microphone. Its sound is crisp. It also captures an acoustic incredibly well through the help of its large capsule. Nobody wants audio that is filled with unnecessary background noise. The MXL 990 mic has the ability of recording and sing while eliminating all the background noise. 

Apart from its great recording ability of acoustic vocals, the MXL 990 is also a versatile microphone. Reviews show that this mic is highly rated and recommended for its very low price. It does very well for podcasts, voice-overs, and singers of all genres. You will be greatly surprised at its sound quality which does not go hand in hand with its price. Due to its high sensitivity, the MXL 990 XLR microphone’s gain should always be adjusted accordingly. If you are looking for a versatile mic with great ability in minimizing background noise, the MXL 990 is the one to go to. 

The MXL V67G XLR Microphone

The MXL V67G microphone is highly rated across the board for its versatility. It is commonly used by rappers, podcasters, singers as well as voice-over artists. It is a rather small microphone with a great condenser to assist in producing quality sound. It has a high popularity of use despite its very low price. The condenser produces a sound that is warm and soothing. 

Although the MXL V67G XLR microphone’s build looks like it is made from plastic from pictures, it is made from actual metal. This aids in enhancing the mic’s longevity which makes all your investment in it worthwhile. You will require an XLR to keep this mic in operation as it requires phantom power.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone

If you are looking for a microphone that will record acoustic guitar and vocals without a hitch, the At2020 XLR Microphone is your friend. It is built to last a long time making your investment worthwhile as it has an all-around solid body. This helps to enhance its longevity. The AT2020 has a full frequency of 20HZ to enable it to pick up every frequency in the audio spectrum. 

Whatever instrument it is you are using to record, the AT2020 blends well with it. Its high SPLs work very well and especially for the very loud singers. Many people prefer this mic because of its drum overheads, guitar cabs, bass cabs as well as its ability to handle loud sounds without distorting. 

The AT2020’s XLR Microphone’s diaphragm helps sustain a rich vocal tone. It is very low in self-noise and especially for its price. It is important to keep in mind that this mic will work only with an audio interface. 

The Samson C01 XLR Microphone

Reviews confirm that the Samson C01 XLR Microphone is highly rated for its affordability. It has a robust design with a metal body which contributes to its durability. This body makes it easy to confirm that it was indeed meant to last a long period. The Samson C01 mic has a polar pattern that is rare and makes it excellent at rejecting all background noise. 

Compared to many other microphones in its price range, the Samson C01 has a bit more headroom. Its sound is extremely crisp and natural for its price. Some amazing features that make this an excellent mic include; USB mic connection, full metal body, and grill, large-diaphragm, and compatibility with any computer-based audio workstation. 

The Nady PCM-100 XLR Microphone

The Nady PCM-100 XLR microphone is uniquely designed and has a very good sound quality. It also has a good capturing ability for singing, speech, and even rapping. For its fairly low price, it has high range frequencies due to its customized presence peak. You can also use it for live performances and experience great outcomes in terms of sound. 

Some amazing features that make this mic excellent and unique include; a vintage style, an electret condenser, operation using phantom power, and a switchable low-frequency roll-off. 

This is one microphone that can excellently record the female voice. It brings out clarity in high voices. Some music that plays well with the use of this mic include blues, souls, indies, and classic rock. If looking forward to using it for a home studio, it will work well for a YouTube channel and female singers because of the voice clarity. It is fairly low in price but has features and functionality that is highly recommendable. 

In conclusion, quality sound is important for any recording and will always require the use of a good and quality mic. The one thing that is a hindrance to purchasing an excellent XLR microphone is the price. Many microphones available in the market associated with quality sound are always so pricey. However, the above list is of good microphones that go for low prices and exceed your expectations in terms of sound. If you are a singer, a podcaster, or a YouTuber looking for a good mic for your voice, you can get a variety below 100 and experience a good production. What are you waiting for? If you like our content check out other articles like this in our Blog

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