Best streaming software in 2021

Written by Oleksandr

June 13, 2020

best streaming software

It can be complicated to select the ideal streaming program for you. Streaming is an economy, and programmers and promises of installation, ease of use, and better functionality are fighting the way you do select?

So what is the best streaming software?

Some of the main characteristics to watch out for are encouraged platforms, selection of input, consumer support, and games that are supported (some streaming programs allow you to pick from a listing of names, but others will enable you to list anything). Here’s our selection of the streaming applications today, you may download.

If you are not thinking about broadcasting live, have a look at our guide on the very best free screen recorders.
The free Applications 2020

Game streaming at No Cost

The ideal to free streaming program provides your videos with a professional advantage with custom logos, well sound, custom logos, and higher resolution- what sets the experts. The applications that you want to create a flow does not need to be pricey — and a few of the finest is free.

The best free streaming software at a glance

  1. OBS Studio
  2. Streamlabs OBS
  3. Nvidia Shadowplay
  4. Xsplit Gamecaster

best streaming software

1. OBS Studio

You won’t find a more powerful free streaming tool
Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux

– Completely free
– Twitch, YouTube, Mixer and more
– Steep learning curve


Open source, flexible and robust, OBS Studio can be our best pick in regards to the free streaming program.  It is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux, and receives updates.

If you’re trying to find a quality screen recorder, OBS Studio is our best choice.  Other tools may be more manageable, but if you would like to catch games or whatever, you won’t find an instrument for your job.

It’s something of a reputation for being complex to install, but there’s no need to dive into the capture settings if you are only interested in streaming.

OBS Studio can flow to Twitch, YouTube Facebook, and other platforms — a more comprehensive range than you will see in other programs.  It is possible to flow.

It is all there. Should you need more control.   The choices are extensive but laid out and explained.

Read our full OBS Studio review

streamlabs free software

2. Streamlabs OBS

A friendlier face for the superb OBS Studio

Operating system: Windows


Auto optimization

Simple to use

No studio mode

It is well worth noting that Streamlabs lacks a studio-style — a characteristic that came into OBS Studio.  Worth bearing in mind, although it is an innovative tool that users will not miss.

Its cleaner interface makes Streamlabs a selection for first-time streamers; however, there is minimal benefit in switching if you are already pleased utilizing OBS Studio.  So it will be intriguing to see whether it diverges from OBS Studio later on. It is now in beta, but there is very little difference between them both.

As its name implies, Streamlabs OBS is building about precisely the same base as OBS Studio, placing a face.  Although the gap in our evaluations was negligible offers asserts to give improved functionality via optimization.

Nvidia Shadowplay software

3. Nvidia Shadowplay

The game, the whole game and nothing but the game

Operating system: Windows


Little impact on game performance

Better for recording than streaming

No picture-in-picture

Screengrab tools and shadowplay recording are all excellent, but streaming is not its strongest suit

Nvidia Shadowplay is bundled together with the drivers In case you’ve got a GeForce graphics card.  It’s a significant advantage over applications: it encodes, which means it has a negligible effect on performance, but it is far less elastic than OBS Studio.  There are no overlays or even scenes that are multi-sources of the match.

If you considering streaming subsequently, Nvidia Shadowplay will find the work done, but you’ll be better off using OBS if you would like to produce something more complicated.

Best streaming software in 2021

4. Xsplit Gamecaster

Excellent software, but premium features come at a steep price

Operating system: Windows

Facebook, Twitch, Mixer and YouTube

Higher resolutions are watermarked

Chromakeying is a paid extra

The drawback is that flows at 720p or will take an Xsplit watermark may not be perfect if you’d like your flow.  A permit is also required by use.

Unlike most of the streaming applications in this roundup, Xsplit Gamecaster is a free variant of a superior program.  As it seems advantages and sleeker from service on the internet, but characteristics are locked behind a paywall.

Gamecaster is a variant of Xsplit Broadcaster, using a compact interface.  It supports streaming to YouTube, Mixer, Twitch, and Facebook, and it is simple to use and start streaming.

So in the end, what is the best streaming software? Is realy up to you but we suggest OBS like we did in this other article How to use and download OBS

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