Razer Kishi is The Best Mobile Gaming Controller

Don’t let the price of the Razer Kishi mobile gaming controller for iOS – iPhone and Android devices deter you from The best mobile gaming controller of the market. You will be hard pressed to find a mobile gaming controller that beats the versatility that the foldable Razer Kishi brings to the table.

Razer Kishi Size

folded Razer Kishi iOS Best iPhone gaming controllers
Folded Razer Kishi

The size of the Razer Kishi when folded is small enough to fit in a man’s jeans pocket, but of course not a woman’s jeans pocket like everything else in life. In folded “mode” the joy stick are exposed and other buttons, but I have had mine for over a year and been reasonable careful with it and it has not received any major damage, even, cosmetic ones are kept to minimal.

Razer Kishi iOS Best iPhone gaming controllers
Razer Kishi attached to iPhone

Once extended the controller uses the GameVice technology based elastic band on the back to apply pressure to the controller and phone so it stays firmly gripped to your iPhone or Android device. I have the biggest iPhone which is the 13 Pro Max and it fits just fine so any other smartphone will work just fine except maybe the biggest Android devices, but lots of those already have build in triggers and so on.

Razer Kishi iOS and Android Versions are Different

The Razer Kishi comes in USB C and Lighting variants which the latter is the more expensive one, but both versions tend to be on sale for less than $100.

The right joystick is located at weird angle in my opinion and the D-Pad is a bit wonky, but mechanically they both work as intended. I know this controller and others will not beat out a PS4 DualShock or Xbox controller, but to me mobile games are to be mobile and adding a bulky controller plus an attachment to hold my phone to such controller defeats the point of it being a mobile platform.

The Best Mobile Gaming Controller
The Best Mobile Gaming Controller – Extended

You can get one from our amazon affiliate link or visit your local Best Buy or Apple Store just make sure that on the aforementioned store you request the USB C or Lightning version depending on the device that you own. The Android version is usually $10 or $20 cheaper than the iPhone version due to the lighting certification they have to pay Apple probably.

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