SURPRISE! Find out why your Pokemon won’t obey and how to fix it

Title: SURPRISE! Find out why your Pokemon won’t obey and how to fix it

If you’re a fan of Pokemon, you know how important it is to have a strong bond with your Pokemon, especially when you’re out battling in the field. However, sometimes your Pokemon may disobey your commands, leading to a disadvantage during battles. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why your Pokemon may not be obeying you and provide some tips on how to fix the issue.

Possible reasons why your Pokemon won’t obey

1. Your Pokemon’s level is too high
When your Pokemon reaches a certain level, it may become too stubborn to listen to your commands. The higher your Pokemon’s level, the more difficult it may be to control it. One way to address this is to train your Pokemon’s obedience by using berries or other training methods.

2. Your Pokemon doesn’t trust you enough
Your Pokemon’s obedience level is directly related to its trust in you as its trainer. If you’re not spending enough time with your Pokemon or neglecting its needs, it may start to lose trust in you. Take the time to play with your Pokemon, feed it, and care for it properly to build a stronger bond.

3. Your Pokemon has a disobedience nature
In some cases, certain Pokemon are naturally disobedient due to their personalities or natures. For example, a stubborn or independent Pokemon may be more likely to disobey commands. In this case, you can use methods like using special items or moves that can increase obedience.

4. Your Pokemon is holding an item that affects obedience
Some items that your Pokemon may hold, such as the Everstone or the King’s Rock, can negatively affect obedience. Make sure to check your Pokemon’s held items and see if they’re possibly causing the issue.

5. You’re giving illogical or harsh commands
If you’re not giving commands that make sense or are too harsh, your Pokemon may not want to listen to you. Give clear and reasonable commands and don’t use too much force when disciplining your Pokemon.

How to fix the issue of disobedient Pokemon

1. Train your Pokemon with obedience-related berries or items
Some berries like the Pomeg Berry or the Qualot Berry can lower your Pokemon’s level, making it more obedient. Additionally, some items like the Soothe Bell or the Eviolite can increase your Pokemon’s happiness, leading to better obedience.

2. Build a stronger bond with your Pokemon
Spend more time with your Pokemon and show it that you care. Play mini-games, give it massages, and even have it in your party when you’re not battling. Building a stronger bond will lead to better obedience.

3. Use special items or moves that increase obedience
Items like the Cleanse Tag or the Lagging Tail can increase your Pokemon’s obedience. Additionally, moves like Sweet Scent or Captivate can make your Pokemon more willing to listen to your commands.

4. Check your Pokemon’s held items
Make sure that your Pokemon’s held items aren’t affecting its obedience level. If necessary, switch out the item for something else that doesn’t affect obedience.

5. Give clear and reasonable commands
Make sure that your Pokemon understands what you’re asking it to do. Don’t be too forceful or harsh with your commands, but also make sure that they make sense so that your Pokemon can follow them.


Pokemon disobedience can be a frustrating problem, but it’s important to remember that it can be fixed with patience and care. Make sure to build a stronger bond with your Pokemon, use obedience-related items, and give clear and reasonable commands. When you and your Pokemon have a strong bond of trust and obedience, you’ll be unstoppable together.


1. Can I get rid of my disobedient Pokemon altogether?

No, getting rid of your Pokemon is not a solution to the issue. You can have a better bond with your Pokemon with training and using special items and moves that can increase obedience.

2. How can I tell if my Pokemon trusts me?

Your Pokemon’s happiness level is an indication of its trust towards you. Spend more time to boost its happiness and thus increasing obedience.

3. Will my Pokemon’s disobedience go away over time?

In some cases, a Pokemon’s disobedience may decrease over time as it becomes more familiar with its trainer. However, it’s important to work on obedience training to speed up the process.

4. Can obedience be affected by the type of Pokemon or its nature?

Yes, the type of Pokemon or its nature can play a significant role in obedience levels. Some Pokemon may naturally be more disobedient than others, but using the right training methods and items can gradually increase their obedience levels.

5. Can obedience issues arise in Galar region Pokemon?

Yes, obedience issues can arise regardless of the region or generation of Pokemon. It’s all dependent on the bond you have formed with your Pokemon, which is essential to keep good obedience levels.

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