SuperHot Mind Control Delete Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are Boring!

SuperHot Mind Control Delete on the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series s is one of those games that doesn’t show you true next gen capabilities, but that is not bad per say.

I’m not bashing the game because I actually love SuperHot Mind Control Delete and you will too if you play it, but if you’re looking to show off your new hardware and Xbox then you’re not going to be able to do that with this game.

The game runs on all consoles or Xbox at 60 FPS raising from full 1080P to full 4K. You’re not getting pretty much anything else besides sharper resolution on the new Xbox Consoles and that is OK because the game is beautiful and more than likely will never be optimized for Xbox series X because it doesn’t need to so just enjoy the game and stick around the YouTube channel from the video above to check out the rest of the tech performance Gameplay Graphics Analysis videos that I make for you. Also don’t forget to stick around stream live academy and use the #StreamingLiveAcademy
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