SuperHot Mind Control Delete On Xbox Series X is a Must Hit Enter

If you are looking for an easy yet interesting, challenging, fun, unique, simple, not that impressive piece of technology when it comes to Graphics then SuperHot Mind Control Delete on Xbox Series X is a game you must play and specially on the Xbox game pass!

This game is not a challenging game so you will not find it hard to play, but you will find it hard to stop or quit playing once you hit enter! SuperHot Mind Control Delete is an expansion to SuperHot which is not available on Xbox game pass as of the writing of this article, but the expansion allows you to play a more unique varied version of the game.

It is not going to win any awards for pushing graphical boundaries, but it will give you a nice 60 FPS at what I believe is native 4K on the Xbox series X. The Xbox One X pretty much sits right next to the Xbox Series X in this situation because the game is not that demanding so if you play this game a lot which you shouldn’t if you already beaten it then you will not be impressed by the performance of the new Xbox Series X. 

Yet if you value your time then you will appreciate the faster loading time from the example above in the YouTube video which remember if you’re interested in any other game let me or the team now and will make it for you so stick with streaming live and don’t forget to use the #StreamingLiveAcademy

I’m ENDWARO7 and I’ll see you all next time!
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