SuperHot Mind Control Delete is A Snooze Fest Xbox Series S

If you are looking for a legit interesting fun video game to play on your new Xbox Series S then you are in the right mindset to play SuperHot Mind Control Delete, but you’re not going to be impressed by its graphics.

SuperHot Mind Control Delete is a fun unique interesting video game, but when it comes to graphical details it is not that impressive so don’t expect much out of the new Xbox Series S because there is not much to provide.

The game runs on the Xbox one is at 60 FPS and so does on the new Xbox. Graphically it is definitely sharper but you are still stuck with a 1080 P image at best since the game has not been optimized for the new Xbox series consuls.

If you’re thinking of trying to upgrade and get the Xbox One X version then I invite you to check out the Xbox series X article version of this article and pun intended, but also don’t forget the videos speak louder than words.

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