Subnautica On Xbox Consoles Now Plays Like You Always Wanted It To!

Written by RichieRichLabs

December 29, 2020

Subnautica 60 FPS Xbox is a Reality

Subnautica On Xbox Consoles Now Plays Like You Always Wanted It To!

Hey guys just bringing you my experience with Subnautica on the Xbox series X and the Xbox One X plus the Xbox One S.

This game is one of my favorite games of all time the pacing, story, world, graphics, sound, gameplay, setting, everything feels amazing to me! It is a survival single player game, just in case you’re not familiar with it, that takes place in an aquatic world.

The game is available as of the writing of this article for free on Xbox Game Pass! If you would like to know more about how to get free Xbox game pass ultimate check out this video:

The game started a little rough when it came out first on the Xbox One S which is where I started playing it and honestly it suffered the resolution was OK, but performance once you started building anything and traveling on the faster vehicles the performance was almost unacceptable. It reminds me of cyberpunk 2077 and its current state on that console, but of course this is a much smaller developer so I wouldn’t be as critical on it, but anyway I played the game and let me tell you it has been updated to the point that it plays just fine.

I upgraded to an Xbox One X and the difference was mine blowing! The resolution was much higher! The performance up until you started really building a decent big sized town and had pretty much all the vehicles the performance suffered considerably, but it was acceptable yet the loading times were horrible.

I would literally wait 4 to 8 minutes for my game to load in on the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S. Hence forth come the new console and that is the Xbox Series X which cuts the loading time to more than 50%. If you have a big save file or like to switch games often the new Xbox Series X and it’s quick resume plus quick loading times are going to make Subnautica a much better game performance and comfort wise also the auto HDR makes it a little more beautiful.

The texture popping still occurs here and there but it is a lot more hidden and less often that it occurs and dropped frames due to complex environments and lots of enemies is pretty much nonexistent.

The one thing that I do wonder is why saving takes so long even on the new Xbox Series X? Sadly I highly doubt that they are going to release an updated Optimized for Xbox Series X update for this game. I do hope that they do an optimized for Xbox Series X update on the new game that is going to come out next year on Nintendo Switch and hopefully the Xbox.

You are still running at 30 FPS, but the quick resume and faster loading in my opinion are the best part of playing this game on the new hardware. The developers have done a great job of updating and optimizing the game for the old Xbox One S to the point that I want to commend them for sticking to their guns.

The one thing that I will warn you is the save file state corruption bug that happened to me and many others. If you created your safe file on the original or any version of the game before the mid 2020 summer update then more than likely you will not be able to transfer your safe file to the new Xbox Series X.

Let me know on social media under these links if you have any issues or were able to figure out how to save your file from oblivion:

If you would like to see how it plays on the Xbox Series S then stick around on the YouTube channel and Streaming Live Academy for the article and video of that version when it releases sometime soon.

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