Subnautica 60 FPS Xbox is a Reality!

If you want to play Subnautica the way it was intended to be played then you need to get an Xbox Series S! The new Xbox allows Console players to play the video game at 60 FPS sharp.

I invite you to check out the video above so you can see to believe what I’m telling you is true, but if you are short on time then read ahead. 

The Xbox One is used to play the game just like the Xbox One X in a horrible laggy, stutter galore for a while. It did get updated and now it is a much more stable experience, but it still drops a little below 30FPS in some circumstances, but not enough to ruin the experience yet there is a lot of popping with items and objects when visiting a place for the first time. 

The new Xbox Series S removes all that even though it still is playing the backwards compatibility version of the Xbox One version of Subnautica henceforth it will have some popping happening but nothing gameplay wise like trees or some objects or creatures like it does over on the Xbox One S.

The game still plays by default at 30FPS, but you can disable Vsync and that will unlock the frame rate for you. I highly recommend that unless you have a VRR or FreeSync enabled TV or Monitor you don’t disable it on the Xbox One S, but on the Xbox Series S even if you have it or not which if you have it it will make a nicer experience with less input lag, but not enough that it is a must have since the Xbox Series S is capable of maintaining a sharp 60 FPS once VSync is turned off. 

Check out the pinned comment in the YouTube video above for the instructions on how to enable the console commands so you can disable the necessary features. It’s as easy as LB+RB+A then input “vsync 0” and off you go. Do remember that you do need to enable this or disable perceive the feature every time you put up the game from scratch.

I do hope that the developers will eventually allow us to have that disabled by default or at least a menu item, but they are busy working on the sequel so I wouldn’t expect it and I wouldn’t expect an optimized for Xbox series X or Xbox Series S update ever, hopefully they will invest in making the next version optimized.

I still think you will enjoy and find your self enjoying this game a lot specially with the next generation consoles.
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