Guide to Streaming without capture card Mobile Games on PC & Mac

    Are you wanting to streaming without capture card your call of duty mobile or PUBG game? Maybe even, mobile legends onto twitch, Facebook, YouTube.

But don’t have a capture card at hand? Do not worry! I have the perfect methods that you can use on iOS or android to stream your mobile games to the PC and then to the website of your choosing. 

iOS & Mac

     I will start off with a simple one which is iOS and a Mac. If you have iOS and a Mac you can literally plug and play your mobile device being an iPhone or iPad to the Mac computer via a cable.

You can then use your mobile device as a source on stream labs Game Capture HD. Follow this video if you are interested and don’t believe me that it literally is just a plug and play solution for Mac.


If you like this guide but you want to stream from Android this is your guide: How to Stream Mobile Games on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch – iOS & Android

Streaming without Capture Card Mac and PC

Now if you want to use a wireless method with an iOS device on Mac then you going to need an app that screen captures your iOS devices screen then sends it to a software on the Mac that then that software can send the signal to twitch, YouTube, Facebook.

     The app I recommend in the video above is called screen link that works in conjunction with Game Capture HD by ElGato Elgato Game Capture Software |

     The app can be downloaded in free trialed for 15 minutes per stream and then you can pay $10 for unlimited use. It is available in the App Store as a free Download.

I have done some streams on Facebook for about two hours and have had no issues as long as you set up the right Bit rate and resolution for your home Wi-Fi set up which I explained in the video.

iOS & Windows 

     In order to do this with an iOS device and a PC or Windows computer you’re going to need an extra piece of software that receives the signal from the screen link app on your iOS device and then you can window capture such signal and send that to your stream.

The issue with iOS and Windows is that it does not have the right software API like Mac and iOS do in order to screen capture your device via cable. There are third-party options which most you’re going to have to pay to get a reasonable well performing software, but even then it might not be worth it. In the video I explain why and how you can use this screen capture utility software from El Gato. 

Android & Windows

     This method is practically almost just as easy and simple to pull off as it is to have an iOS device and a Mac. There are many third-party software that can pull the screen capture signal from your android device and get it in on to windows. I don’t own an android device so I cannot test this, but for windows in android it is quite easy to pull off if you need any help let me know in the comments or on social media under ENDWARO7. 

Android & Mac

     This method as far as I know maybe a software will do it just like in windows, but like I mentioned earlier I cannot test in myself and honestly the only way I truly know that you can do it is through a capture card which it also works for iOS and Mac so if you have a capture card all you need is watch my video on YouTube and get yourself an adapter then a capture card and you can have android and Mac or android and Windows be plug and play.

Final Thoughts 💭 

     I personally am not a big fan of emulation unless it is done right and usually that cost money sort of like Xbox emulation does with backwards compatibility which is practically the best way to emulate all games and by the way if you’re interested in free Xbox game pass ultimate I have a video for that right here and trust me it is not a scam.

     I hope this has helped you figure out that there are methods that are quite easy to pull off a streaming of mobile games without a capture card.

Don’t forget to check out the stream lab academy podcast once a week where if you have any questions or topics you would like us to discuss let us know in the social media‘s using the #StreamingLiveAcademy
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