Star Wars Battlefront 2 Plays Best on Xbox Series S/X So Sell Your Xbox One S/X

You will be jelly when you see Star Wars Battlefront 2 on Xbox Series X|S

If you were to see or experience how much faster and sharper Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks and plays on the new Xbox you would get rid of your old console and hit a store nearby and buy the new Xbox series S/X that’s if you could find one! Trust me it is worth the price of admission.

The time you will save loading into the game and getting into matches will pay the price of the console on of itself with time. We also have the Xbox FPS Boost mode update that the new Xbox consoles can bring to the table a steadier better version of Star Wars Battlefront 2 for free!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 takes a long time to load into a game and the main menu which it is inherited from the game similar to it called Battlefield V which we have articles and videos showcasing what that game suffered from on the old generation of console Xbox one devices.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 doesn’t take as long as Battlefield V used to take to load, but it still does take a considerable time and the new Xbox manages to get rid of it all and bring you a plug and play jump in load play then reset all in less than it takes the old Xbox one to load the main menu.

The Xbox Series S is using the backwards compatibility version of the Xbox One  S Star Wars Battlefront 2 video game therefore you are not going to be able to see major improvements as to graphical fidelity other than a sharper image which is 1080 P pretty much all the time compared to the Xbox one S fluctuating dynamic 900 P or so average.

Yet with the Xbox Series X you are getting the Xbox One X graphical settings which come with higher texture quality and effects. The shadows are going to be sharper since the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X have higher resolution limits with 1800P to native 4K and the shadows are based on resolution not on a separate setting.

Another improvement is that the FPS range of 60 FPS is kept pretty much locked on the new Xbox consoles when compared to the old Xbox One S and One X which struggled at times to keep 60 FPS. That might not sound much of an upgrade yet it is not technically an upgrade because the game has not been optimized for the new Xbox consoles and more than likely EA won’t be updating it at most they will do a source code update like they did with Star Wars Jedi Fallen order that allowed the game to play just a tiny bit better but not necessarily a full on optimized for Xbox series X or Series S update.

It is still a worthy game to play on your new console and feel the true power of an SSD memory so don’t be shy and get on some Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which if you cannot afford it right now I will be giving away one free month on my YouTube channel in the next little bit and then every month plus if you follow the Xbox Game Pass guide video link below you will be able to earn your own three mic so rewards points and redeem them for your free personal Xbox game pass ultimate membership.

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