Sony Only-Fans Reckoning Is Coming

Bethesda Bought by Microsoft & Xbox

Sony Only-Fans Reckoning Is Coming

     If you are a PlayStation only fan and that is the only place that you play video games on and you have been bashing Xbox fans for not having exclusives and you are a Bethesda fan then be prepared because you are getting a taste of your own medicine! 

     To be clear I am a video game player that loves video games and will play them on anything that allows me to play video games. I do lean more towards modern machines like the hardware has to be recent, but the game can be old and I’ll still enjoy it. Yet for me I own an Xbox and the PlayStation and a Nintendo switch and mobile devices and computer Mac and PC plus VR gaming so I literally get my hands on anything and everything!

     Exclusives to me are special games that bring out the best of the platform that they are exclusive to, yes some do suck, but for the most part exclusives are a nice special treat for owning that piece of hardware. I laugh and feel sad for the true fan boys who lock themselves down to a brand or platform just to make themselves feel confident and good about some thing in their lives and find enjoyment in bringing others down.

     Don’t get me wrong I do acknowledge that financial limitations are a reality and some people will not be able to afford multiple pieces of hardware to gain access to the other platforms, but there is a difference between not being able to and excepting it and being happy with it and enjoying gaming as a whole with other gamers, but when you can’t afford it and you transfer your anger or frustration with your sad state then I have an issue. What do you think do you agree or disagree? If you are one of those sad sheep fanboys let me know or if you fall on the other side of the spectrum hit me up on social media’s! 

     Microsoft will undoubtedly make Bethesda future titles exclusives to Xbox and more than likely PC and not release them on the PlayStation platform. Past Bethesda games more than likely will not be affected for it is practically impossible to lock those titles down so do not worry about an apocalypse of your Bethesda library.

     I’m actually glad that Xbox has struggled against PlayStation for the last generation because it has brought them to improvise and just like Nintendo messing up with the Nintendo Wii U and creating the Nintendo switch out of the aftermath, Xbox has created an amazing service platform with the likes of Xbox game pass and now they are going to tackle the exclusives issue that they have created for themselves. I’m super excited to see the next generation come to life and see where Xbox and PlayStation take us, the gamers, to. 

     I’m going to be playing demon souls and horizon Zero Dawn 2  & God of War Ragnarok on my PlayStation five while enjoying the highest level of graphics and performance possible on a console from my Xbox series X and modding my favorite video game titles on my PC and playing amazing top of the line mobile gaming on my tablet and smart device through Apple Arcade and allowing Facebook to not just steal my data but take me into amazing worlds through their oculus quest platform! So stop reading this and watch the videos linked in here and get to gaming and stop wasting both of our times.
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