Sniper Elite 4 FPS Boost Update is What You Want To Play!

Xbox FPS boost mode update brings you 60 FPS for Sniper Elite 4 and with the new faster SSD memory inside your new Xbox Series X|S you are getting a legit PC like upgrade to your video game.

Let me start by saying that Sniper Elite 4 on the Xbox One S used to play below 30FPS and at 1080P. The screen tearing and the lack of a stable 30FPS made the game, not unplayable to the levels of cyberpunk 2077 when it first came out, but it definitely brought an experience that I would recommend playing with a Free Sync or VRR enabled TV/monitor. The loading times are also quite long in similitude to Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront 2. Here you can see a video to see how bad it performs. 

The Xbox One X never got an update for this game like the PS4 Pro did so you will be stuck without any improvements besides actually getting the true 30 FPS version of this game. The game actually loads about the same on this console, but having a almost locked 30 FPS is a nice touch when compared to how bad the game performs on the Xbox One S. The resolution and graphical settings seem to be the same unlike the PS4 Pro which did get a higher assets patch added to the game which this game could if the developer had the time or desire to do it. 

The new consoles Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is where we get the sweet sweet FPS Boost mode for a sharp steady, yet, not perfect 60 FPS. Resolution wise you are getting the same as the other versions together with the same graphical settings, but at 60 FPS and much much shorter loading times this game truly shines. The fact that it was all done without developer update or much input is pretty cool! 

The future of FPS Boost is looking really good and we have another article you can read up on to learn more about it: FPS Boost Mode Revealed

This FPS Boost mode update seems to be in simile today to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility Xbox One program. The program would have the Xbox developer team pick and choose which games would get backwards compatibility updates from the Xbox 360 catalog and they also added the original Xbox video games to this program which games were selected depending on the communities input and of course probably their personal preference.

I’m hoping that we will be able to vote as a community of Xbox players and video game players to decide which games get the FPS Boost update and hopefully a lot of our favorites will get it. The perfect scenario would actually be that all original Xbox 360 and Xbox original titles get the update, but it is not a perfect world so I wouldn’t be surprised if we do not get that dream.

In my opinion I feel like all Xbox One titles should get this update and the more limited selection should be applied to the Xbox 360 titles and then of course the original Xbox titles because those devices were considerably different not just in software and development tools, but the hardware itself is quite different than the current architecture that video games are built on.

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