Shocking! Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix It

Shocking! Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You and How to Fix It

As a Pokémon trainer, one of your goals is to catch Pokémon, train them, and battle against other trainers to be the best. However, it can be frustrating when your Pokémon won’t obey you during battles. It’s not only unproductive, but it can also result in a loss, and nobody likes losing. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why your Pokémon won’t obey you and how to fix it.

Why Won’t My Pokémon Obey Me?

First, it’s essential to understand that there are specific conditions for your Pokémon’s obedience. The primary factor is your Pokémon’s level. If your Pokémon’s level is too high, and your gym badge level is too low, your Pokémon may disobey you in battle. This disobedience in higher-level Pokémon is a sign of respect, and you need to earn it by acquiring more gym badges.

Another reason why your Pokémon won’t obey you is that it doesn’t recognize you as its trainer. Suppose you traded with other trainers or received a Pokémon as a gift. In that case, your Pokémon has to adjust to your leadership style, and respecting you as its trainer takes a while.

Additionally, there are some disobedient Pokémon breeds like Pikachu, Charmeleon, Primeape, and Dragonite, which won’t obey you until you earn their respect. These breeds are naturally stubborn, and gaining their trust requires persistence and patience.

How to Fix Your Pokémon’s Disobedience

If you find that your Pokémon is disobeying you, it’s essential to take steps to fix the issue. Here are some ways to fix your Pokémon’s disobedience:

1. Train More

As we mentioned before, gym badges play a crucial role in gaining respect from your Pokemon. Obtaining more gym badges will allow your higher-level Pokémon to obey you. Additionally, more training sessions with your Pokémon will help in increasing its obedience and battle effectiveness.

2. Use Food to Build Trust

Feeding your Pokémon with berries or poffins regularly helps build trust between you and your Pokémon. It also calms your Pokémon down thereby making it more obedient during battles.

3. Use Better PokeBalls

Another important factor in Pokémon obedience is the type of Pokeball you use. If you are using a regular PokeBall instead of a Master Ball, your Pokémon may not obey you. The higher the quality of the PokeBall you use to catch a Pokémon, the more likely it will obey you during battles.

4. Be Patient With Disobedient Pokemon Breeds

Certain Pokémon breeds like Pikachu, Charmeleon, Primeape, and Dragonite are naturally disobedient. Gaining their trust requires patience and persistent training. You must offer these stubborn breeds treats, engage with them more often, and spend extra time training them.


In conclusion, disobedient Pokémon breeds are a natural occurrence. However, with patience and persistence, you can train your Pokémon and earn its respect. By following these tips, you can create a better relationship with your Pokémon, and they’ll obey you in fights. Remember, obtaining more gym badges, feeding your Pokémon, using high-quality Pokeballs, and spending more time with disobedient Pokémon breeds are ways to build trust and respect between you and your Pokémon.


Q1. What do I do if my Pokémon still isn’t obedient after trying these methods?

If your Pokémon continues to disobey you after trying these methods, it might be best to try trading it with another trainer or releasing it into the wild and catch another one.

Q2. Is it possible for any Pokémon to be perfectly obedient?

Yes, it’s possible, but it takes a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication to train and create memories with your Pokémon to achieve perfect obedience.

Q3. What is the highest gym badge level in Pokémon?

In the Pokémon series, the highest gym badge level is eight.

Q4. How can I find and catch high-quality Pokémon?

High-quality Pokémon can be found in the wild or caught at special events. Using higher quality Pokeballs increases your chances of catching high-quality Pokémon.

Q5. How can I create a more comfortable training environment to increase obedience?

Creating a comfortable training environment requires paying attention to your Pokémon’s likes and dislikes. This can include using specific items like healing items and toys during training, finding a more suitable place to train or play, and offering treats as rewards after successful training sessions.

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