Shocking Truth:Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You

Shocking Truth: Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You

If you are a fan of the Pokemon games, you might have experienced moments where your Pokemon do not follow your commands. This can be frustrating, especially if you are trying to win a battle. However, there is a reason why your Pokemon won’t obey you. In this article, we will explore the shocking truth behind this phenomenon.

Understanding Pokemon Loyalty

In the Pokemon world, a trainer’s loyalty with their Pokemon plays a crucial role in determining their success. A loyal Pokemon is more likely to follow their trainer’s orders, while an unloyal one may choose to disobey commands. The game developers added this aspect to make the game more realistic and challenging.

One of the ways to maintain your Pokemon’s loyalty is by winning tough battles. The more difficult the battles, the greater the bond you build with your Pokemon. You can also maintain their loyalty by treating them well. This means taking good care of them, feeding them regularly, and giving them adequate rest.

The Importance of Pokemon’s Happiness

Another factor that influences your Pokemon’s obedience is their happiness level. Just like people, a Pokemon’s mood affects their willingness to follow commands. If your Pokemon is unhappy, they are more likely to disobey. On the other hand, a happy Pokemon is more obedient and easier to train.

You can improve your Pokemon’s happiness level by giving them massages, feeding them their favorite foods, and taking them on walks. You can also let them play with other Pokemon to increase their social interaction.

The Role of Pokemon’s Level

The level of your Pokemon also affects their loyalty. If your Pokemon is under-leveled compared to your opponent, they are more likely to disobey your commands. On the other hand, an over-leveled Pokemon is more obedient.

To maintain your Pokemon’s loyalty, it is important to keep them at an appropriate level for the battles you are fighting. You do not want them to be too strong or too weak compared to your opponent.

The Effect of Badges

In the Pokemon world, badges represent your achievements as a trainer. They also play a role in your Pokemon’s loyalty level. The more badges you have, the greater the bond you build with your Pokemon. This means they are more likely to follow your commands.

However, if you trade your Pokemon, their loyalty level resets. This means you have to start from scratch to build their loyalty level.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why your Pokemon may refuse to follow your commands. These include their loyalty level, happiness level, level, and badges. To maintain their obedience, you need to take good care of them, win tough battles, and keep their mood and level appropriate. By understanding these factors, you can become a successful Pokemon trainer and master the art of battling.


1. Can I buy loyalty for my Pokemon?
No, loyalty needs to be earned through tough battles, good treatment, and proper care.

2. Can I use items to boost my Pokemon’s loyalty?
No, items such as vitamins only increase your Pokemon’s stats and not their loyalty level.

3. How long does it take to build a strong bond with my Pokemon?
It depends on various factors such as the number of battles, their happiness level, and level. However, it will take some time and effort to build a strong bond.

4. Can my Pokemon lose their loyalty?
Yes, if you trade your Pokemon, their loyalty level resets. This means you have to start from scratch to build their loyalty level.

5. Does the type of Pokemon affect their loyalty level?
No, the type of Pokemon does not affect their loyalty level. It is determined by their level, happiness, and badges.

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