Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You

Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Your Pokémon Won’t Obey You

Pokémon is one of the most popular gaming franchises in the world. The franchise has acquired a fan base of all ages around the world. The Pokémon journey involves capturing these creatures, training them, and battling other trainers to become the best. But what happens when you find that your Pokémon won’t obey you, regardless of the training or the bond you have formed with it? Here we will explore the shocking truth about why your Pokémon won’t obey you.

Understanding Pokémon Loyalty

When you catch a Pokémon, you begin a journey to train and evolve it. You spend hours bonding with it, feeding it, and training it to make it stronger. As your Pokémon grows, so does your bond with it, and you believe your Pokémon to be loyal to you forever.

In the Pokémon world, loyalty is a significant aspect. All Pokémon have a loyalty level that determines how well they will obey their owner. The maximum loyalty level is 255, and when a Pokémon’s loyalty gets to 220 or higher, it becomes extremely obedient.

Factors Affecting Pokémon Loyalty

A Pokémon’s loyalty level is affected by various factors such as its happiness, the quality of care, and time spent with its trainer. If these factors are right, your Pokémon will obey your commands without hesitation. But if something is amiss, your Pokémon’s loyalty will decrease, leading to disobedience during battles.

To maintain a Pokémon’s loyalty, the player should provide proper care and attention to their creature. For this, they should feed their Pokémon the right type of food, give them enough exercise, play with them, and heal them when they are sick or injured. These activities will improve your Pokémon’s happiness, leading to increased loyalty.

New Trainer Syndrome

The initial bond between a new Trainer and a Pokémon is weak. The Pokémon has little or no trust in its new Trainer, leading to disobedience during battles.

To overcome the New Trainer Syndrome, it is advisable to give the Pokémon treats, play with it, and give it enough attention. Over time, the bond between the Trainer and the Pokémon will grow, leading to increased obedience during battles.

Items and Abilities

When entering the battlefield, it is essential to consider the items and abilities provided to your Pokémon. Some items can increase the loyalty of your Pokémon or activate abilities that can boost its stats, ultimately leading to better obedience during battles.

So it is crucial for trainers to consider the use of items and abilities that can increase their Pokémon’s loyalty or boost their stats leading to better performance.


The environment can also affect the behavior of a Pokémon. If a Pokémon is battling in its natural habitat, its chances of obeying its owner’s commands are high. The reason for this is that the Pokémon is familiar with the environment and comfortable with its surroundings. Thus, it is essential for Trainers to consider their surroundings to avoid disobedience during battles.


Pokémon disobedience is a common problem among trainers, and it can result in the loss of a battle. Several factors can affect Pokémon obedience, but we have highlighted the main ones that every trainer should know.

To maintain a Pokémon’s loyalty, it’s essential to provide proper care, attention, and keep them happy. Using items and abilities can also boost loyalty levels and lead to better performance. And before entering any battle, Trainers should ensure that they are familiar with their surroundings to avoid disobedience.

5 Unique FAQs

Q: Why won’t my Pokémon obey me?
A: Several factors can affect your Pokémon’s loyalty level leading to disobedience. These include care, attention, happiness, and environment.

Q: How can I improve my Pokémon’s loyalty?
A: To improve loyalty, you should provide proper care, attention, feed it well, and heal it when injured or sick.

Q: What is New Trainer Syndrome?
A: New Trainer Syndrome is when a Pokémon has little or no trust in its new Trainer, leading to disobedience during battles.

Q: Can items and abilities improve Pokémon loyalty?
A: Yes. Some items and abilities can increase loyalty levels and boost stats, leading to better performance during battles.

Q: Why is environment important for a Pokémon’s behavior?
A: Pokémon are familiar with their environment, and a comfortable environment will lead to better obedience during battles, and vice versa.

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