Shocking truth revealed: Why your Pokemon don’t obey and how to fix it

Shocking truth revealed: Why your Pokemon don’t obey and how to fix it

Are you tired of your Pokemon not obeying your commands during battles? Do you feel frustrated when they ignore your requests and do their own thing instead? Well, you’re not alone. Many trainers face this issue and it’s time to uncover the shocking truth behind it.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that disobedience is more likely to happen when you first catch a new Pokemon. They’re not used to you and your commands yet, so it’s important to build trust and establish a relationship with them.

However, there’s a deeper reason for disobedience. It all boils down to the strength of your bond with your Pokemon. The better the bond, the more likely they are to obey your commands. So, how do you build this bond?

1. Spend time with your Pokemon

The more time you spend with your Pokemon, the stronger your bond will become. Take them on walks, train with them, and have fun playing games together. This will not only increase their loyalty but also their happiness, which in turn increases their obedience.

2. Use positive reinforcement

When your Pokemon follows your command, don’t forget to praise them! Positive reinforcement goes a long way in building a stronger bond. Give them treats or affection as a reward for good behavior.

3. Understand their personality

Each Pokemon has their own unique personality, just like people. Some may be more stubborn or independent than others. Understanding their personality can help you communicate with them better and give commands that they can relate to.

4. Train them effectively

Effective training is key to building a stronger bond and increasing obedience. Make sure to vary your training methods and focus on their strengths rather than just moving onto their weaknesses. This will help them develop confidence and trust in you.

In conclusion, disobedience in Pokemon is a common problem and can be remedied by building a stronger bond with your Pokemon. Spend time with them, use positive reinforcement, understand their personality, and train them effectively. By doing so, you’ll have a stronger, loyal Pokemon that will follow your commands and lead you to victory!


1. How long does it take to build a bond with my Pokemon?
It depends on the individual Pokemon and trainer, but it typically takes a few weeks to a few months of consistent bonding and training to build a strong bond.

2. Can all Pokemon be trained to be obedient?
Yes, all Pokemon have the potential to be obedient. However, certain species may require more patience and effort than others.

3. What do I do if my Pokemon still disobeys even after building a strong bond?
Try to understand why they’re disobeying. Are they tired or hungry? Are they distracted by something? Adjusting your approach and addressing their needs can help increase their obedience.

4. Is punishment an effective way to increase obedience?
No, punishment can actually damage the bond and trust between you and your Pokemon. Focus on positive reinforcement instead.

5. Can overtraining my Pokemon lead to disobedience?
Yes, overtraining and not giving them adequate rest and recovery time can lead to disobedience, as well as other negative consequences such as health problems. Make sure to balance training with relaxation time.

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