Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Pokemon Sometimes Refuse to Obey Trainers

Shocking Truth Revealed: Why Pokemon Sometimes Refuse to Obey Trainers

As a Pokemon trainer, nothing is more frustrating than when your beloved Poke friend doesn’t obey your orders in battle. You raise and care for them, train them hard, and yet it seems like they’re not taking you seriously. What could be the reason behind their disobedience? In this article, we’re going to reveal the shocking truth behind why Pokemon sometimes refuse to obey their trainers.


Before we dive deeper into the reasons why Pokemon disobey their trainers, it’s important to understand the concept of “obedience” in the Pokemon world. In the anime and game series, trainers are expected to earn their Pokemon’s respect and trust, which is the only way their Pokemon will obey them. This is why, especially in the early stages of the game, your Pokemon will refuse to obey your orders. As you progress and develop a stronger bond with them, they’ll become more likely to listen to you.

However, even the most obedient Pokemon can sometimes refuse to obey their trainer. This can be due to several factors, including:

Disobedience Due to Level

A primary reason why Pokemon disobey trainers is that their level is too high. In the Poemon universe. There’s a chance that your Pokemon may even refuse to obey your orders if it’s over or at least ten levels higher than yours, no matter how strong your bond may be. This factor is particularly significant if you captured them from someone else’s team, as they may be loyal to their previous trainer.

Disobedience Due to Badges

Another reason why Pokemon sometimes disobey their trainers is due to the lack of badges they hold. Badges are like licenses, allowing trainers to command higher-level Pokemon. Without enough badges or if you don’t have the right kind of badge, your Pokemon might not listen to your commands.

Disobedience Due to Friendship Level

Friendship is an essential part of the Pokemon world, and it’s crucial for the relationship between the trainer and Pokemon. Friendship can influence a Pokemon’s performance in battle, how they evolve, and what moves they learn. Therefore, a lower friendship level with your Pokemon is likely to result in disobedience, whereas high friendship levels breed high levels of obedience.

Disobedience Due to Status Conditions

Status conditions is a common reason why Pokemon refuse to obey. These can range from being asleep, paralyzed, confused or even poisoned. When your Pokemon is in any of these states, their performance decreases, including their ability to obey your commands.

Disobedience Due to Personality

Just like humans, Pokemon have different personalities, and some of them might be naturally stubborn. Such species like Pikachu have a harder time obeying their trainer, no matter how much they like them. Additionally, different Pokemon species have different personalities and traits that can affect their willingness to obey you.


In summary, the reasons why Pokemon sometimes refuse to obey their trainers vary, but they all emphasize a vital factor- the importance of the relationships developed between a trainer and their Pokemon. While there isn’t much that can be done to alter a Pokemon’s personality or level, trainers can improve their bond with their Pokemon by increasing their friendship levels and badges in the game.


1. Does this disobedience mean that I shouldn’t catch higher-level Pokemon?
Not at all! You can catch any level Pokemon you want. However, it’s important to ensure that your Pokemon’s level doesn’t surpass yours by more than ten levels.

2. Can I do anything to increase my friendship level with my Pokemon?
Absolutely! You can do this by spending time with them through battles and other activities, giving them massages in the Pokemon centers, or even feeding them with special treats like berries.

3. Does my Pokemon’s gender affect their obedience level?
No, Pokemon’s gender does not influence obedience levels.

4. What can I do if my Pokemon gets poisoned or affected with a status condition?
In such a situation, you can use an item like an antidote or full heal to cure the status condition of your Pokemon.

5. Can I change my Pokemon’s personality?
No, you can’t change your Pokemon’s personality. It’s an inherent trait and unique to each species.

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