Shocking Discovery: Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You

Shocking Discovery: Why Your Pokemon Won’t Obey You

Are your Pokemon disobeying your commands and going rogue during battles? Are they suddenly losing interest in training and not responding to your calls? If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Thousands of Pokemon trainers have reported the same issue, and the reason might surprise you.

It turns out that your Pokemon’s disobedience is directly related to its happiness levels. If your Pokemon is unhappy, it won’t obey your commands, even if it knows the move you’re asking it to perform. So, what can you do to ensure your Pokemon stays happy and obedient at all times? Let’s find out.

Understanding Your Pokemon’s Emotions

Like humans, Pokemon have emotions and feelings, which means you need to take care of them just like you would take care of a pet. Keeping your Pokemon happy, well-fed, and well-rested is crucial to ensure it stays obedient and performs well during battles.

But how do you know if your Pokemon is happy or not? There are a few signs to look out for. If your Pokemon is happy, it will wag its tail, show interest in its surroundings, and respond eagerly to your commands. On the other hand, if your Pokemon is unhappy, it will appear lethargic, uninterested, and refuse to obey your commands.

Factors Affecting Your Pokemon’s Happiness Levels

Several factors can impact your Pokemon’s happiness levels, including its health, environment, and treatment. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Health: Just like humans, Pokemon can get sick, injured, or exhausted. Ensure your Pokemon stays in good health by feeding it nutritious food, providing it with adequate rest, and taking it to a Pokemon center for regular check-ups.

2. Environment: Your Pokemon’s surroundings can also affect its happiness levels. If it’s living in a cramped, dirty, or unpleasant environment, it’s likely to be unhappy. Ensure your Pokemon gets enough exercise, fresh air, and sunlight to keep it content.

3. Treatment: The way you treat your Pokemon also matters. If you’re constantly scolding or ignoring your Pokemon, it’ll become unhappy and resentful. Instead, treat it with kindness, patience, and respect, and it’ll respond positively.

Actions That Can Boost Your Pokemon’s Happiness

Now that you know the factors affecting your Pokemon’s happiness, let’s look at a few actions you can take to improve its mood and obedience.

1. Spend Time with Your Pokemon: Your Pokemon needs your attention and affection, so spend time bonding with it. Play games, go on walks, or just sit together and relax. The more time you spend with your Pokemon, the happier it’ll be.

2. Feed Your Pokemon: Feeding your Pokemon nutritious food not only keeps it healthy but also boosts its happiness levels. Your Pokemon will appreciate a variety of food, so switch up its diet to keep it interested.

3. Use Items to Boost Happiness: Several items in the game can boost your Pokemon’s happiness levels, such as the Soothe Bell, which doubles the rate of happiness gain. The Friendship Ribbon and the Luxury Ball are also great options.


In summary, your Pokemon’s disobedience is correlated with its happiness levels. To ensure your Pokemon stays happy and obedient, take care of its health, environment, and treatment, and spend time bonding with it. Remember, happy Pokemon are the best performers during battles.


1. Can training my Pokemon make it unhappy?

No, training your Pokemon will not make it unhappy. In fact, it can boost its happiness levels, as it’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride.

2. Can I make my Pokemon happy by using rare candies?

No, using rare candies will not boost your Pokemon’s happiness levels. It’s essential to spend time bonding with your Pokemon and treat it with kindness and respect.

3. What happens if my Pokemon’s happiness levels reach zero?

If your Pokemon’s happiness levels reach zero, it’ll refuse to obey your commands, and it’ll also stop evolving.

4. Can I use the Happiness Checker to check my Pokemon’s happiness level?

Yes, the Happiness Checker is an item in the game that helps you check your Pokemon’s happiness level.

5. Do different Pokemon have different happiness levels?

Yes, different Pokemon have different base happiness levels. For instance, Chansey has the highest base happiness level, while Mewtwo has the lowest.

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