Shocking Discovery: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey and How to Fix It

Shocking Discovery: Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey and How to Fix It

If you’re a fan of the popular Pokemon games, you know that obedience is a crucial aspect of your experience as a trainer. However, have you ever encountered a disobedient Pokemon that won’t follow your commands no matter how hard you try? It can be frustrating, but there’s a reason behind it. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why some Pokemon refuse to obey and how to fix it.

Why Some Pokemon Refuse to Obey

The first step to understanding this phenomenon is to acknowledge the role of the Pokemon’s level in its obedience. Low-level Pokemon are more likely to disobey commands from their trainers, while higher-level Pokemon are easier to control. This is because as a Pokemon gains experience and levels up, it becomes more obedient, loyal, and responsive to its trainer.

Another factor that plays a significant role in a Pokemon’s disobedience is its nature. Every Pokemon has a unique nature that determines its mood, behavior, and attitude. Some natures are more cooperative and obedient, while others are independent and self-reliant. Therefore, it’s essential to know your Pokemon’s nature and adjust your training methods accordingly.

The third reason why some Pokemon refuse to obey is related to their happiness. Pokemon that are unhappy, stressed, or tired are less likely to follow their trainers’ commands. Therefore, it’s essential to take care of your Pokemon’s needs, such as feeding it, healing it, playing with it, and giving it rest. Additionally, some Pokemon are more comfortable in certain environments, such as water, land, or air, and may feel uncomfortable or stressed in unfamiliar territories.

How to Fix Disobedience Issues

If you’re struggling with a disobedient Pokemon, don’t worry; there are several ways to fix this issue. The first step is to train your Pokemon effectively by focusing on its strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Make sure to balance its offense, defense, speed, and special stats, and teach it moves that suit its type and nature.

Another way to improve your Pokemon’s obedience is to increase its levels by battling other trainers, wild Pokemon, or participating in tournaments. The more levels your Pokemon gains, the more obedient and loyal it becomes. Additionally, use items, such as Carbos, Iron, and Protein, to boost your Pokemon’s stats and make it fitter and healthier.

Finally, show your Pokemon love, care, and attention by bonding with it, praising it, and sharing experiences together. This will increase your Pokemon’s happiness and loyalty, resulting in better obedience and responsiveness. Remember, a happy Pokemon is a loyal Pokemon.


In conclusion, disobedience is a common issue among Pokemon trainers, but it’s not unsolvable. By understanding the reasons behind your Pokemon’s disobedience, focusing on its strengths and needs, and showing it love and care, you can make it more obedient and loyal. With these tips, you can build a strong bond with your Pokemon and conquer the Pokemon world together.


1. Do all Pokemon disobey their trainers at some point?
No, not all Pokemon disobey their trainers. It depends on the Pokemon’s level, nature, and happiness.

2. Can I force my Pokemon to obey me?
No, you can’t force your Pokemon to obey you through violence, threats, or abuse. Instead, you need to show it love, care, and attention to build trust and loyalty.

3. Can I use items to increase my Pokemon’s happiness and obedience?
Yes, you can use several items, such as berries, vitamins, and potions, to increase your Pokemon’s happiness and obedience.

4. Can I change my Pokemon’s nature?
No, you can’t change your Pokemon’s nature, but you can adjust your training methods and strategies to suit its nature.

5. What should I do if my Pokemon continues to disobey me even after training and bonding?
If your Pokemon continues to disobey you, you may need to consult a professional Pokemon trainer, seek advice from online forums, or try different training methods until you find what works for your Pokemon.

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