Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost

Testing at the RichieRichLabs is showing us that Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost is taking the game up to 4K – 60 FPS on the Xbox Series X. The news is a sweet treat to us next gen owners and future ones since it just keeps making the Xbox Series X|S a better deal by the pass of days.

The Xbox Series S is not as impressive delivering us 900p – at 30 FPS with Shadow of the Tomb Raider Xbox Series X|S FPS Boost update and since the game has not received an optimized for Xbox Series X|S update which could bring the resolution of the Xbox Series S to a higher value since it is running of the Xbox One S settings, but none the less it is a welcomed upgrade for free just in case we never get an optimized for Xbox Series X|S update or remaster down the road.

The Xbox One X has the same game settings as the Xbox Series X which are Higher Resolution and Performance mode which now both on the Xbox Series X are giving us 60 FPS with the performance mode giving 1080p which mode I don’t recommend playing on unless you really need locked 60 FPS or you don’t have a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to cover those imperfections.

I personally don’t worry to much about it since I do have a VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) TV, but even if I did not I would not be bothered about it since the game does not drop the FPS often and this is not a competitive game so the drops are not that important.

On a side note VRR wouldn’t be enough if it dropped below 50 FPS often since VRR can mask the drops of 60 to as low as 50, but not below that or else it would not make a difference; yet the drops are rare.

There won’t be any graphical updates since it is just a behind the scenes improvement to FPS only. I tested the loading and nothing seemed to change.

On a side note I got this game purchased on a sale then didn’t play it till it came out on the Xbox Game Pass which made me feel dumb that I did not wait. I got over it though since it did end up leaving it and I like to own my games as much as possible except the Microsoft first party ones since they will be in the Xbox Game Pass indefinitely cause Microsoft owns the studio.

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