Set up your Webcam in 2 simple Steps

Written by Germanluk

January 3, 2021

set up your webcam

Set up your Webcam

Setting up a webcam has never been easier. No matter which software you are using to broadcast your stream, you only need to follow these two simple steps. This article is part of our guide on How to Stream on Twitch, where I walk you through the whole process step by step.

Step 1

Open up your streaming software and navigate to the Source box on the bottom of your screen. Click the + to add a Video Capture Source. You can choose between adding a new source or selecting an existing one, if you created one previously. If you add a new source, you can name it whatever you prefer.

set up your webcam

Step 2

Once creating a new source, you will be able to choose which camera you want to use and in which resolution you would like to use the camera. Simply select the camera that you want to use, select the highest resolution and frames possible, and you are done.

set up your webcam

Bonus Step

If you want to adjust the quality of your camera further, you can right click on the source in your source box and select filters. By clicking the + in the bottom left corner, you can add filters to change the image of your webcam.

set up your mic

Only these two steps are required to set up any webcam or camera that you would like.

Keep in mind that the facecam does not take up a lot of screen, and therefore you can get away with a cheaper webcam and save some money.

I am personally using the Sony A5100, which is great for filming YouTube as well, but more on the expensive side of things. You can pick the camera up here and watch my review here.

For every new streamer I recommend the Logitech C920 or C922, which you can pick up for under $50 right here.

If you would like to read our full guide on How to Stream on Twitch, go check it out.

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