Set up Stream Alerts & Overlays Fast

Written by Germanluk

January 3, 2021

Set up Stream Alerts & Overlays Fast

Set up Stream Alerts & Overlays

Well branded and appealing streams are the first crucial step in becoming a successful streamer. Once viewers find their way to your stream, a professional setup can aid in converting a viewer into a follower. This article is part of our How to Stream on Twitch guide, where we walk you step by step through the process. Stream alerts and overlays function as visual aids. They are meant do give the stream a professional look, as well as get viewers attention and curiosity. 

Step 1

Open your streaming software, in our case Streamlabs OBS. On the bottom of your window you see a box named Scenes, and next to it a box called Sources. 

In the Sources box, hit the ‘+’ to add a new source. Out of the list provided locate the Alert box widget. The alert box widget is the most important source you will ever use, and because of this, Streamlabs OBS even marked it with the words, essential.

Step 2

Click the ‘Add Source’ button and name it whatever you like. After you added your alert box to your sources, you can now customize your alerts to display any image, gif, text or sound you desire. Your screen will look something like this:

alerts and overlays

Step 3

Customize your alerts. Alerts are the most important visual on your stream and should align with your overall branding of your Twitch channel. While Streamlabs OBS provides you with generic alerts after you add the alert box widget, I highly recommend that you take some time and customise the alerts one by one.

When a viewer hits the follow button, or even supports you financially in any way, they often want their name to be displayed on your stream so other viewers know they just supported you. If your alerts are funny, engaging and unique, it often leads to other viewers supporting you as well, because they like to see the alerts with their names on it pop up as well. So make sure your alerts are a real eye catcher!

Step 4

Add overlays and visuals to your stream. In the same Source box where you added your alert box, you can add other widgets and tools as well.

alerts and overlays

If your overlays are animated, meaning they move around and are most likely in a webm, mov or mp4 format, you can add a media source. If your overlay does not move and is in a png or jpeg format, you need to add an image source. You can add as many sources as you like.

Just like your alerts should be eye catching, your overlays should be as well and go along with the overall branding of your channel. One tip however; try not to clutter your stream too much with gif, images or text. The viewers are there to see you and your gameplay.

Free & Paid Overlays

If you use Streamlabs OBS and subscribe to their premium membership, you will also gain access to all of their overlays and alerts which are fully customisable as well.

This was how to Set up Stream Alerts & Overlays Fast. If you want to read more, here is our full guide on How to Stream on Twitch.

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