Set up OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS in less than 3 minutes


In this part of our How To Stream On Twitch guide, I will walk you through how to set up OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS in less than 3 minutes. Previously I showed you how to set up your first Twitch account but in order to stream to your Twitch account, you need a software that captures what is going on in your game and broadcasts it to Twitch.

Which streaming software should you use, OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS? If this is your first time streaming, I would recommend you start with Streamlabs OBS. Streamlabs OBS is very user friendly and walks you through most of the setup process. It is intended for new streamers and offers a lot of plugins and tools that can make your life easier.

OBS Studio caters more towards veteran streamers, that know how to set up their stream the way they want to. OBS Studio can be overwhelming for new streamers because it does not hold your hand or walk you through the setup process at all. On the plus side, OBS Studio uses less CPU power compared to Streamlabs OBS and offers more customisation and freedom.

Step 1

After you decide which streaming software is right for you, head over to to download OBS studio, and select the correct version for your system. For Streamlabs OBS head over to and hit download, in the top right corner.

When opening either software for the first time, they will look something like this:

set up Streamlabs obs

Step 2

Now that you have installed your streaming software, you need to tell the software which account to broadcast your stream to. In order to do that you need to sync your Twitch account with the software.

Streamlabs OBS might have already prompted you with a sync screen when you opened it up for the first time. Simply log in with your Twitch account, and you are good to go. 

In case you are using OBS Studio or you missed the sync screen, simply locate the setting tab. This is located on the top left menu bar for OBS Studio and the bottom left cog symbol for Streamlabs OBS.

After you sync the software with your Twitch account, everytime you hit the broadcast button, you will automatically stream onto your Twitch account.

And this is how to set up OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS in less than 3 minutes. If you want to read our full guide on How to Stream on Twitch, simply click here.


My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!
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