Set up a Facebook Gaming Creator Page in under 5 Minutes

Written by Germanluk

January 4, 2021

Set up a Facebook Gaming Creator Page

Set up a Facebook Gaming Creator Page

When it comes to Facebook Gaming, live streaming works slightly different than on other platforms, for example Twitch. On Facebook, you can stream directly from your personal page without setting anything else up. However; if you want to become a Facebook Gaming Creator, you will need to stream to a Facebook Gaming Creator Page.

Why Do I Need a Facebook Gaming Creator Page?

In order to monetise your live stream using Facebook’s monetisation tools, Stars and Supporters, you will need a creator page. Facebook created the Level Up Creator Program which you can only enter with a Facebook Gaming Creator Page. A separate page also helps you to keep your personal activity on Facebook personal, and not share it with thousands of users that are following you.

Step 1

Head over to the gaming page creator section on Facebook, and click continue to create a page.

Facebook gaming creator page

You will notice that the Category already states Gaming Video Creator. In order to join the Level Up Creator program later, you cannot change this category.

Step 2

Once you create your page, Facebook will ask you to upload a profile picture and afterwards edit your page’s info section. Here are a couple tips.

You are able to change your profile picture as well as the banner later on, if your branding changes or you are unsure what to select as an image. Ideally you want to keep your branding identical across all social media platforms you are using, but you might have to resize certain images.

Your page’s info section is your chance to get visitors even more interested in you and what you are doing. Keep it short and to the point. Precisely state what content followers can expect to see on your page.

Bonus Step

Unlike other platforms, Facebook Gaming offers their creators a wide variety of tools to analyse their content. Furthermore Facebook tells you directly which content you put out works for your Facebook Gaming Creator Page and which content does not, so you can double down on what works, and not waste your time with what does not work.

I included a short video that serves as an overview to all the tools Facebook Gaming offers. Furthermore I will also link you my Facebook Gaming Creator playlist right here, which gives you further tips on how to grow on Facebook.

If you are ready for the winning Facebook Gaming Growth Strategy 2021, check out that article and start winning.

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