Set up a Dual PC Streaming in 3 Simple Steps

Dual PC Streaming

A Dual PC Streaming setup is something a lot of us dream about and wish for in the future. The dual pc streaming setup can be particularly helpful if you are struggling to game and stream on the same machine. 

It is to note however that if you are buying a brand new PC, it might be cheaper to purchase the right parts and build a powerful single PC streaming setup, rather than to purchase two new PCs. If you game on a PC and you have a laptop lying around at home, you could put together a dual pc streaming setup in order to game and stream in better quality.

If you need help setting up OBS, your webcam or microphone, check out the articles links below, or give our full guide of How to Stream to Twitch a read.

Step 1

This is what you need: 2 PC, at least 2 monitors, HDMI cables, 1 capture card.

Connect the capture card through USB to your streaming PC and plug in your gaming PC on the other side of the capture card through HDMI. Make sure you install all necessary drivers.

dual pc streaming

Step 2

Open the display settings on your gaming PC, and double check that the capture card is recognised by your PC and runs as a ‘duplicate display’.

Step 3

Launch your streaming software, visit our guide if you need help with that, and add a video capture to your sources. For the video capture select your capture card.

You are all set, your gaming PC is now connected and captured by your streaming PC. Before broadcasting, make sure everything is running smoothly. The easiest way to do that is to open YouTube on your gaming PC, and watch and listen to it on your streaming PC. You now have a dual pc streaming setup.

Advantages of Dual PC Streaming

  • Your gaming PC can dedicate all resources towards gaming, no fight for resources
  • You can game in higher resolution
  • Less chances of lags or FPS drops
  • You don’t need to end your stream if you are having problems with a game and need to restart

Disadvantages of Dual PC Streaming

  • More expensive
  • More complicated to setup and troubleshoot
  • More noise due to twice the amount of fans

General Tips for Dual PC Streaming

  • The gaming PC needs a better GPU
  • The streaming PC needs a better CPU + RAM
  • Webcams plug into your streaming PC
  • Microphone plugs into your gaming PC

Other useful articles:

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Set up stream Alerts & Overlays. 

Set up your Microphone. 

Set up your Webcam. 

Final Set up and Go Live. 

If you have any questions while running through the guide, please do not hesitate to reach out to me either directly through Streaming Live Academy, or any of my socials you find below.
Happy streaming!


My name is Luk and I am here to help you set up your live stream. I believe live streams are one of the best forms of communicating with your target audience. Let’s get to work!
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