Season 4: Might Be The Best Ever – Fortnite

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Yes, You Are Seeing What You Are Seeing

Before I talk about the elephant in the room that is Iron Man, Wolverine, Storm, Doom, Thor, She Hulk, and Mystique; I want to share the standing of Streaming Live Academy founders on the game Fortnite: Seifer says he will die before he plays Fortnite, GermanLuke is currently enjoying some fresh air camping in the wilderness or being digested by some part of nature itself like a bear so I cannot ask him, Jaybur is being fluffy as always and cute, but willing to play the game, and I, ENDWARO7, I have been playing the game once more for the last 2 weeks since I quit during Season X and got back for the last 2 weeks of the last season 3. 

Apple or Epic Games

Putting their differences aside and your opinion on who is right or wrong when it comes to Apple vs Epic Games lawsuit we need not forget the awesome fact that we can finally play as mother ****** Iron Man in Fortnite! Sorry, but I choose him over Thor or Wolverine anyway…oh and the Doc haha, but the fact that not just them, we have She Hulk which is a charm, Storm who is feisty as always, and mistque who might just be impersonating you right now playing some cup in your name is to be concerning, yet, I don’t think we need to cause the cuteness of Groot shows us all that love rules! So stop fighting over the fact that two companies are fighting for the same money that you and I have to shell out in order to enjoy our fantasies online and just play the damn game! 

Why is this the Best Fortnite Season Ever?

I didn’t say it was, but if you think so or disagree let us know in the social medias using the #streamingliveacademy or come visit the content creators channels on twitch, YouTube, Instagram, twitter…wow that was a mouthful! I personally think this might be the best season ever because I’m having a blast! The meta besides the annoying and children friendly Charge Shotgun is annoying as it gets, but they added the annoying boogey bomb with a handful of other shotguns such as the Pump, Tactical shotguns that can together with the boogey bomb give us the none Charge Shotgun spammers a chance when fighting off a decent accurate opponent. The skins and the new pickaxes are a nice touch that makes grinding for them rewarding and worthwhile specially the new Iron Man papi! 


The new towers are starting to turn on and shooting these weird tentacle like beams into the sky as to defend us or open something? I think it will be a big event and we are about to get the event content that season 3 of chapter 2 failed to deliver with dear Aquaman. I just wish I would of gotten Deadpool bro! Any way let us keep going and remember stay frosty my friends! FORTNITE!!!
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