Rocket League Plays at 120 FPS on Xbox Series S

Do you take rocket league seriously? Do you want to excel and destroy your opponents not just by having the better car, but being able to fully utilize your faster better and quicker reflexes in the soccer field?

If the answer is yes to any of those then you are wanting to get an Xbox Series S because it is capable of delivering the supreme rocket league experience at an affordable price!

The game runs at 120 FPS with the correct TV or monitor which the latter is highly suggested since it does play at a resolution of almost 720p which isn’t TV friendly or couch friendly unless you are sitting close. 

The enhanced visuals mode allows for couch playing in a comfortable resolution and graphics fidelity. 

If you have any more specific questions you can check out the video embedded with this article or hit us up using #streamingliveacademy or visit me on social media @ENDWARO7 or use the links at the bottom. 

The Xbox One S is able to deliver a 60 FPS experience, but at the cost of being just as blurry almost as the 120 FPS Performance mode of the Xbox Series S without the higher FPS. 

If you see the video you will notice that with this new version which is an Xbox series X optimize version of the game you are going to be playing within 30 seconds instead of almost one whole minute.

Do you think the changes are worth getting into the new console? Let us know with a comment!

To wrap things up the loading time applies to customizing vehicles and visiting the store which loads everything just a tiny bit faster saving you precious seconds of actual gameplay instead of waiting for things to pop on your screen. I would say it pays itself off since time is gold isn’t it?
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