Revolt of the Pokemon: Why They Don’t Obey and How to Fix It

Revolt of the Pokemon: Why They Don’t Obey and How to Fix It

If you’re a Pokemon trainer, then you must have had at least one experience where your Pokemon refused to obey your commands. The frustration can be unbearable, especially in high-stakes battles. But why do Pokemon sometimes decide to defy their trainers? And more importantly, how can you fix it?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why your Pokemon might be refusing your commands, and provide practical tips on how to train them more effectively.

Why Do Pokemon Refuse to Obey?

1. Insufficient Training

As with any skill, commanding Pokemon requires practice and reinforcement. If you’ve neglected to give your Pokemon enough training or reward consistently, they may not respond when you issue commands. In this case, the solution is simple: spend more time with your Pokemon and train them more frequently.

2. Lack of Respect

In the Pokemon universe, there is a respect hierarchy based on the strength and rank of the Pokemon. If your Pokemon doesn’t respect you as their trainer or believe that they’re stronger than you, they may not obey. To gain respect, you need to earn badges, have strong Pokemon, train them well, and demonstrate your strategizing skills in battles.

3. High Friendship Ratings

Some Pokemon have a high friendship rating with their trainers, which means they can disobey a command without consequence. This typically occurs with Pikachu and other Pokemon that have high friendship ratings or those that were raised as a part of your team. If your Pikachu isn’t listening to you, they might simply love you too much!

4. Pokemon’s Nature

Every Pokemon has a specific nature that determines their behavior and preferences in battles. Some natures, like the Adamant nature, prefer brute force over finesse, while others are more defensive. If you’re asking a Pokemon to do something that doesn’t align with their nature, they may not follow through.

5. Higher-Level Pokemon

If you capture a Pokemon at a higher level than your current team, it may not obey your commands until you gain more badges. This is the game’s way of ensuring you’re ready for the increased responsibilities of stronger Pokemon.

How to Fix Your Pokemon’s Disobedience

1. Train Your Pokemon More Effectively

As stated earlier, the best solution to a disobedient Pokemon is more training. To train your Pokemon more effectively, you need to have structured training sessions that build up their skills and reinforce positive behaviors. Continuously praise your Pokemon and reward them with treats (in-game or real-life) when they do well.

2. Increase your Pokemon’s Respect

To earn your Pokemon’s respect, you need to be a strong trainer. Participate in battles, earn badges, and keep your Pokemon happy with massages, favorite foods, and affectionate petting. Generally, the better you treat your Pokemon, the more they will trust and respect you.

3. Check Your Pokemon’s Friendship Ratings

If you’ve raised a Pokemon from its lowest form (e.g., Pikachu) and they’re not obeying, it may be their high friendship rating. Try medicating in Pokémon Centers and decreasing your Pokemon’s natural happiness by not allowing it to hold items, fainting it in battles or feeding bitter food.

4. Understand Your Pokemon’s Nature

To make the most of a Pokemon’s abilities, you need to understand their nature. Train your Pokemon in ways that align with their nature’s preferences. For example, an Adamant Pokemon should focus on attack stats rather than speed.

5. Gain More Badges

As mentioned earlier, Pokemon may not obey you if they are too powerful compared to your badge clearance. The number of badges you require before you can fully control your purchased Pokemon varies on the route and the game. This in-game mechanic exists to make sure players level up and build their skills before capturing high-level Pokemon.


In the world of Pokemon, a disobedient Pokemon can be frustrating, but with patience, training, and understanding, you can fix it. Whether it’s due to insufficient training, a lack of respect, high friendship ratings, a Pokemon’s nature, or higher-level Pokemon, the solutions are within your reach. Remember, the most important aspect of being a trainer is to build a strong and healthy relationship with your Pokemon, which can go a long way in gaining their obedience.


1. Is it illegal to force a Pokemon to evolve?

No, it is not illegal to force a Pokemon to evolve. However, it is not recommended, as it may harm their welfare.

2. Can disobedient Pokemon refuse to evolve?

No, disobedient Pokemon cannot refuse to evolve. They will be forced to evolve once they reach the required level for evolution, but they might not listen to your commands.

3. Do high-level Pokemon disobey trainers?

Yes, high-level Pokemon could disobey trainers if the trainer hasn’t earned enough badges.

4. Can Pokemon refuse to follow a command even after their trainer earns all the gym badges?

No, once you have all the gym badges, your Pokemon should obey your commands regardless of their level.

5. Can Pokemon refuse to battle?

Yes, Pokemon can refuse to battle if they are exhausted or if they’re battling against the same species, as some Pokemon get bored with repetitive battles.

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