Resident Evil Village: Lady Dimitrescu, who is the actress behind the charming villain

A seductive character with an extreme look, Alcina Dimitrescu (Lady Dimitrescu) is probably the touch of class that Resident Evil Village needed to win over fans. Let’s find out who is the actress who plays her.

Survival horror fans have been waiting for it with the same morbid hunger as the undead, and now that Resident Evil Village is finally available on the market they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The eighth regular chapter of the legendary Capcom saga strikes at the heart for its pace and settings, and for a range of well-written characters with appealing physicality. Among them, it is impossible not to mention Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, who since her first appearance in the promotional trailers of the game has captured the attention of fans. Rising as a figure as seductive as lethal.

A seductive character with an extreme look, Alcina Dimitrescu is probably the touch of class that Resident Evil Village needed to win over fans. Let’s find out who is the actress who plays her.

Imposing, shapely and disturbing, never monstrous in appearance despite being obviously a dangerous creature, the “lady vampire” exerts the charm of the strong and cruel woman to a certain type of audience, without expiring in easy fetishes. And if it is true that inevitably the web has gone wild with memes, fanart and cosplay, credit for so much success is certainly due to the actress who has somehow given life to Dimitrescu on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Google Stadia.

Lady Dimitrescu in real life

Together with her three daughters, the gigantic “bloodsucking” countess – a whopping 2.9 meters tall! – has already entered the collective imagination of gamers, completely enraptured by her role and a particularly inspired character design.

To lend her voice in what is in fact a modern masterpiece of gaming in horror is Maggie Robertson, called not only to dub the evil Alcina, but also to interpret her with her movements thanks to the beauty of motion capture technology. And thus giving life to some of the most iconic sequences of Resident Evil Village, as she herself revealed on her Twitter profile.

Robertson, at the moment, does not have a particularly rich film and television career, but in the world of video games has managed to leave a trace really hard to erase. We can see her in action in the video just below, a behind the scenes of the eighth episode of Resident Evil with Maggie Robertson grappling with the recording sessions in motion capture.

In a little over a minute, the clip allows us to discover how many of the scenes of the title were made, from those of intense drama to those more action – and in which the woman literally exposes her sharp canines -, through the furious phone call between Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda that made so much noise in the announcement trailer of Village.

Not everyone knows it, but the vampire mistress of the castle was born in the early stages of the project but in small steps and from an unsuspected base: Mia Winters. To the model of Ethan’s companion – protagonist of Resident Evil Village and the previous Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – were applied a dress and a hat typical of the fashion of the ’30s, hoping to give her a ghostly look. The result, however, turned out to be anything but scary, and it’s only when the Japanese giant’s artists began to increase its size that the fear factor returned to more than convincing levels.

In short, Dimitrescu’s human yet peculiar features are a trump card, as well as the aesthetic match between Audrey Hepburn’s clothing and the physical characteristics of the “Hachishakusama”, the legendary eight-foot child kidnapper.

Capcom then revealed that among the various sources of inspiration that led to the realization of the character in all its aspects, we have a photograph from 1938, which depicts a woman with clothes very similar to those of Lady Dimitrescu.

Lady Dimitrescu

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