Pokémon Rebellion: Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey You and What to Do About It

Pokémon Rebellion: Why Your Pokémon Don’t Obey You and What to Do About It

If you are a Pokémon trainer, you may have experienced a Pokémon rebellion at some point. Despite your best efforts, your beloved Pokémon refuses to obey your commands, making it challenging to win battles and progress in the game. What could be causing this disobedience, and what can you do about it? In this article, we explore the reasons behind Pokémon rebellion and offer practical solutions to help you get your Pokémon back on your side.

Understanding Pokémon Rebellion

The first step in addressing Pokémon rebellion is to understand why it occurs. There are several reasons why your Pokémon may disobey you, including:

1. Your Pokémon Is Too High Level
As your Pokémon gains experience and levels up, they become stronger and more independent. This growth can lead to rebellion, as your Pokémon may feel they no longer need to take orders from you.

2. Your Pokémon Dislikes You
Just like people, Pokémon can have personalities and preferences. If you mistreat or neglect your Pokémon, they may develop a dislike for you, leading to disobedience.

3. Your Pokémon Is Underleveled
If your Pokémon is underleveled, they may struggle to understand and execute your commands. This skill gap can result in disobedience and poor performance in battles.

4. Your Pokémon Is Holding A Grudge
If you have recently defeated or captured a Pokémon, they may hold a grudge against you, leading to disobedience in battles.

5. Your Pokémon Has A Status Condition
Status conditions such as confusion, paralysis, or sleep can affect your Pokémon’s ability to perform correctly in battles, leading to disobedience.

Ways to Address Pokémon Rebellion

Now that you know some of the reasons behind Pokémon rebellion, let’s look at practical ways to address it:

1. Train Your Pokémon
If your Pokémon is too high level or underleveled, training can help bridge the gap and improve their obedience. Focus on improving weak areas and practicing essential commands such as attack, defense, and accuracy.

2. Build A Bond With Your Pokémon
Building a strong relationship with your Pokémon can help prevent disobedience. Spend time with your Pokémon, pet them, and give them treats to show your appreciation. A well-nurtured Pokémon is more likely to obey your commands.

3. Address Status Conditions
If your Pokémon is experiencing a status condition, such as confusion or paralysis, use healing items or moves to address it. This action will ensure that your Pokémon can perform to their full potential and reduce disobedience.

4. Communicate Effectively
When commanding your Pokémon, use clear and concise language. Give specific instructions and avoid vague commands. Your Pokémon is more likely to obey if they understand your commands and believes that their goals align with yours.


As you can see, Pokémon rebellion can be frustrating, but there are practical ways to address it. Train your Pokémon, build relationships with them, and communicate effectively to reduce disobedience. Remember, a happy, healthy, and obedient Pokémon is essential to winning battles and progressing in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use berries to improve my Pokémon’s obedience?
Yes, some berries, such as the Kelpsy Berry or Pomeg Berry, can improve your Pokémon’s relationship with you, increasing obedience.

2. Can a Pokémon ever be too high level to obey you?
No, a Pokémon can never be too high level to obey you. However, they may need more training to bridge the gap between their level and your commands.

3. Can status conditions affect my Pokémon’s mood and behavior?
Yes, status conditions can impact your Pokémon’s mood and behavior, leading to disobedience in battles.

4. What should I do if my Pokémon won’t obey my commands, even after following the solutions outlined in this article?
If you have tried everything in this article and your Pokémon still won’t obey you, you may consider releasing that Pokémon or trading it with another trainer.

5. Can I scold my Pokémon for disobedience?
No, scolding your Pokémon can damage your relationship with them, leading to further disobedience. Focus on building a strong bond with your Pokémon instead of resorting to punishment.

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