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Pokemon is a game that is loved by everyone, and that is why you would want to try out new versions of it without a doubt. One of them would be Pokemon Prism ROM, and it is an exciting and fun game that you would surely want to try out to complete your experience. By gaining more knowledge about this game, you would be able to enjoy it more. Sometimes, you might enjoy things you never thought you would when you get to know more about them. To help you out, below are some details about the Pokemon Prism that you ought to know about.

What is it?

The first thing that you should know about would be what exactly is Pokemon Prism all about. It is a super customized Pokemon crystal romhack that takes place in an unexplored location in the game. It has a lot of new mechanics and deals with some refinement in the gameplay itself. It boasts an expansive landscape that you would enjoy exploring as well as a lot of different challenges that you can have fun with. It is a great experience that gamers, no matter what age, will surely love.


What you need to know more about the game is its storyline so that you can relate more to it. The Pokemon Prism ROM follows the story of Prism, which is the child of Lance. After the character plays in their uncle’s minecart in an unknown location, it gets out of control, and then it ends up being somewhere in the Naljo region. The Naljo region is bent on being the dream industry and is being developed. After the character finds the lost Larvitar, Prism is tasked to collect 20 badges by going through different regions and figuring out what is wrong with the world so it can be corrected.

Naljo region

This is the region within the world of Pokemon that appears in the Pokemon Prism version, and it is made of several islands such as the Rijon and Tunod, as well as an unidentified region. It has a lot of different cities within it that you should know about so that you can familiarize yourself with it.

Torenia city

This is the home of the leader of Torenia gym, Edison. The Magnet train station is found in this place, and so is Torenia Pachisi Hall. It is known to be the youngest city in the entire region.


Phacelia town

This is a new town that has just been developed and is home to Andre, the move deleter and the leader of Phacelia gym.

Spurge city

This is the metropolitan place of the region where most of the big establishments are located, such as the department store, the Spurge orphanage, and the casino. It is also home to the leader of the Spurge Gym, Bruce.

Health village

This one is a traditional village located right next to Rinji’s forest, which is the place where Heath Gym is. The name of their leader is Rinji, and while there is no PokeMart or Pokemon center located in this village, players can rest their Pokemon and buy specific items at the inn. All of the families of the village belong to the same family.

Laurel city

Another place in Pokemon prism ROM is the home of Brooklyn of the Laurel Gym. Players can revive their fossils at the lab in this city. There is an entrance to the Magikarp Cavern found on the city’s east side.

Acania dock

This is a town built right above the water and is home to Ayaka, leader of the Acania gym.

Caper city

This one is known to be a small village located at the foot of the mountains and in the southwest of Naljo. It is a quiet place and is known to be where Professor Ilk lives.

Oxalis city

This is the place home to the Oxalis Gym leader, which is named Josiah.

Saxifrage island

This used to be a sacred place that is now a prison. It is home to the leader of the Saxifrage gym, Cadence.

Phlox town

The small town is located on top of the mountains in the Naljo region and is known to have an icy cold climate. It is home to the Phlox Bingo hall and the Algernon Laboratories.

Pokemon-Prism Features
Pokemon Prism Features


There are a lot of different features in the game, including discovering the region of Naljo and the cities that it features, along with a large number of forests, routes, and secrets. There are 254 pokemon to be found as well as Fakemons. A new clock system keeps track of days, months, and years. Below are some other features that you would surely love.

Pokemon only areas

This is probably the most exciting part of the game because you would be able to play as your teammates to unlock a lot of secrets within the game that are inaccessible to humans. You get new abilities that would surely make playing the game much more enjoyable. There are a lot of new moves and new items that you can explore and do in tandem. The new Pokedex is set in Pokemon Prism ROM as well. 

Hidden gold system

There is a hidden gold token system that plays in the game, and if you can find them and save them, you are bound to get a prize. There are a hundred of them, so you should keep your eye open.

Trainer abilities

There are new abilities that each trainer will be having, such as mining, smelting, and crafting. You can now jump chasms and climb on walls so that you can have a better gaming experience. Many things are waiting for you underground, so you should explore more.

Trainer options

You also get 12 different trainers with six female and six male trainers to choose from. There are also a lot of customizations that you can try so that you get what you want.

If you are interested in trying it out and downloading it, here is the link where you can download the game, Pokemon Prism Download

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