Pokemon No Longer Obeying Trainers? Find Out Why and How to Fix It!

Title: Pokemon No Longer Obeying Trainers? Find Out Why and How to Fix It!

Pokemon battles have been a staple in the world since the release of Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996. It is an exciting and captivating world that has kept fans hooked for decades. But what happens when your Pokemon, your trusted companion, suddenly stops listening to you?

You may have experienced this frustrating situation at some point in your Pokemon journey. You give a command, and your Pokemon ignores you, leaving you stuck in battle. This situation is not uncommon and can happen for several reasons.

One reason why your Pokemon may stop listening is a lack of trust. Trust is crucial in the relationship between Pokemon and trainer. Pokemon need to feel valued and respected, just like human beings. Treating your Pokemon with care, respect and kindness can help build a strong bond of trust.

Another reason why your Pokemon may stop obeying your commands is that they are tired or overworked. As trainers, we need to keep track of our Pokemon’s stamina and provide enough rest and nourishment to keep them in top shape. Pushing them too hard can lead to fatigue, exhaustion and disobedience.

Lastly, the most prominent reason why Pokemon may stop obeying their trainers is due to a difference in power. Pokemon are powerful beings, and as they grow, their abilities increase. If your Pokemon has grown significantly more powerful than you, they may question your authority, leading to disobedience.

So how can you fix this problem and regain your Pokemon’s trust and obedience?

The first step is to show your Pokemon that you value and appreciate them. Spend time with your Pokemon, outside of battles. Take them for walks, feed them treats and give them rest days. Showing affection will make them feel cherished and prioritize their obedience over rebelling.

The second step is to manage your Pokemon’s stamina and power levels. Keep track of their experience, strength and energy levels, and avoid pushing them beyond their limits. Provide breaks and resources to help them recover and continue performing consistently.

Lastly, you may need to level up your trainer abilities. Increase your strength, experience and general knowledge of the Pokemon world to match your growing Pokemon’s power. The stronger you are, the more likely they will acknowledge your authority and listen to your commands.

In conclusion, disobedient Pokemon is a frustrating problem that can be solved with patience, care and attention. By building trust with your Pokemon, managing their strength and leveling up your trainer abilities, you can restore your bond with your beloved companion and reign victorious in your battles.


1. Can I force my Pokemon to obey me by punishing them?

No, punishing your Pokemon will only lead to more rebellion and mistrust. Positive reinforcement through affection, care and rest is more effective.

2. What should I do if my Pokemon is still disobedient after trying everything?

Sometimes, a Pokemon may have a strong-willed personality, and it may take more time and patience to build trust and obedience. Keep trying, and eventually, your hard work will pay off.

3. Should I avoid battling until my Pokemon fully trusts me?

No, battling is an essential part of the Pokemon journey, and avoiding it altogether may hurt your Pokemon’s growth and experience. Instead, balance rest and training time to ensure your Pokemon’s well-being.

4. Is disobedience only a problem for new trainers?

No, disobedience can happen to seasoned trainers as well. As your Pokemon grows in power, you may need to adjust your training and bond to keep up with their changes.

5. Can disobedience ever be a good thing?

In some cases, disobedience can be a sign of deep trust and respect from your Pokemon. They may go against your commands to protect you or follow their instincts. However, it is important to distinguish between intentional disobedience and behaviour that requires correction.

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