You might want to implement this tool in your streams – Pixel Chat

Pixel Chat is the number 1 tool for streamers!

This might be the next tool you may want to implement. With it’s clean design, and it’s simple setup, the amount of customization you can add to your stream is infinite!

What is Pixel Chat?

Pixel chat is a streaming tool that gives you the ability to add widgets and overlays to your stream for FREE. You can add overlays such as shoutouts, closed captions, alerts, and many more! The customization is endless! There is a paid version for it which comes with extra features as well, but you do not have to pay at all to use the service!

Currently Pixel Chat is only available for Twitch and the upcoming streaming platform Glimesh, and it is compatible with any streaming software (including Lightstream for you console streamers)!

Pixel Chat features (at least some of them…)

I could go on forever on all of the features that are available for you, but make sure to check out Pixel Chat yourself to see what works best for you!

How to add to your stream?

Each overlay has its own unique URL. You simply copy the URL that is provided to you once you add any overlay. Then, you add a browser source (in OBS or SLOBS) and you paste it. Pixel Chat will always adjust to the pixels you have in the browser source’s properties (make sure to play around with the pixels to have it the way you want).

If you guys want to learn more about Pixel Chat make sure to check out my full in-depth tutorial where I explain some of the features, how to add them to your streaming software, and how fun you can have with this tool!

This article was written by the creator Numin and uploaded by SLA owner GermanLuk. If you have further questions regarding Pixel Chat, you can reach out to Numin via his socials.

How to use Pixel Chat?

Pixel chat offers a free and a paid version. Head over to and create an account. After signing up you can select the tools you would like to use. After selecting your tool plug the browser source into your streaming software.

What is Pixel Chat?

Pixel Chat is a third party software that allows you to add widgets, alerts and overlays to your stream.

How to add Pixel Chat to Streamlabs?

Add a browser source within Streamlabs OBS. Then copy and paste the browser URL provided by Pixel Chat into the browser source in Streamlabs OBS.

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